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Verizon FIOS suddenly very slow as of last week

Verizon FIOS suddenly very slow as of last week

Contributor Stytwnres
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Has anyone else in Manhattan (I'm in the EVil/Gramercy area) noiced a severe increase in latencies (on wired connections) as of the past week or so?  UL/DL speeds can be normal per speed tests, but performance on heavy apps very slow, I'm told by my OT dept due 150ms+ latencies, even to nearby servers, e.g. yahoo.com?

I can barely get any work done. Verizon techs clueless. I'm buying a better router but not sure it will help.

Considering switching to TWC but have heard awful things about them too.

Any ideas? Tx.

Contributor PastaLoverNYC
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Hold off on buying that new router. It's probably not the culprit. I've noticed this as well (Midtown west), espcially while gaming, since the latency is much more apparent. Some sites are still good, but others have much higher latencies than normal. I've ran tracert's  on random sites, and it appears that there is a delay when the packet reaches "NYC1.Alter.net". I'm pretty sure this is a point beyond Verizon's reach, but they're the ones most likely to be able to fix this. The problem is trying to reach the right people. I spent a while with tech support yesterday, but they don't even know the difference between speed and latency, and even told me to contact the problematic websites to resolve the problem.... *sigh*... They said they would forward my issue along to a networking team. Other than that I think we can only hope they are aware of the issue and can work to get it resolved.

Copper Contributor shadezero
Copper Contributor
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yea my ping is taking a toll on this outage i got 200 on west coast server on dota and i have 100 on east coast normally i would get 33 or 23 on east. Also on mumble the server ping is normally 79 to 99 but now i have 184



Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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If you can get the IP of the game server you're connecting to, is it by chance going over Level3? Anything going over Level3 has been exceptionally bad for the past week and a half in the Northeast. 

Copper Contributor shadezero
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well here is a ping test 



and here is a link to pingtest.net 



Copper Contributor chhatc
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I too am seeing this issue with ping times being in the upwards of 150ms from east to west coast. it used to be around 80-90ms (sometimes even in the upper 60s).


anything i can do to help?

Contributor Stytwnres
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Update: I was able to get the router basically for free so I did. Installed it and now latencies much lower and performance is normal. I wonder if the problem noted above by others just got fixed though and the router was unnecessary. How are your ping times now?
Contributor prosperine
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My connection would work for hours at a time then drop completely. I did all the tests and managed to get a new router without much hassle. Installed the new router and it worked like a charm. 7 hours later and I have no connection thru the router again.


(The hard wire from the wall works.)


Looks like I'm going to spend all day again figuring this out since I work from home.


UWS here.


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