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Verizon Fios Price Increase. Terrible Customer Support.

Verizon Fios Price Increase. Terrible Customer Support.

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I Have been a Customer for over 3 years. When I started paying it was $39.99 per month for FIOS. Then it went to $54.99. Then 64.99. I got my bill this month for 100/100 Serice and it was $94.99 per month. 


Luckily my contract just expired. I contacted Verizon support to see what they could do becuase Comcast is offering the same speed and Service for $39.99 per month. I contacted Customer support and they immediatly tried to upsell me to 150/150 for a $99 upgrade fee. and then $69.99 per month. I did not as the verizon representative to be upsold.. I asked them to match the offer that Comcast has. which is the same offer that Verizon is offering new customers for the 100/100 service.


I have been a loyal customer of Verizon. They have repediadly increased prices and they now cost 3 times more than Comcast for the same service. Then when I contact customer support about the price. They try to upsell me instead of dealing with the issue at hand. 


I contacted customer service representative Jan. This individual tried to upsell me instead of helping me. Then when I asked for manager to discuss the current situation, he offered me 100/100 for $59.99 per month. 


I have now been waiting 45 minutes for a manager and I have recieved no messages.. I have been told to wait. Is this how Verizon treats loyal customers? You leave us to wait? I have been in chat for 2 hours. This is not right. 

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Unfortunately, us existing customers usually don't get the deal that new customers do. And that is coming amongst most service providers. They figure it is harder to get a customer than to keep them. So they take a loss to get new.

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As the other poster stated it is something all the providers do. In most cases customers who have had the installation of services normally don’t jump to another provider.


in our house we have both cable and Fios availability so if I want to swap, I just call up have Fios turned off and the other turned on. However I have internet only and use my own Netgear Nighthawk so it’s easier to leave.

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You are not alone brother. We have been with verizon for well over 20 years and slowly but surely getting ready to pull the plug. It is ridiculous that we have to call and negotiate a new contract prior to the expiration date. If not, they automatically raise the price. 


We have discounts on our bill and just found out that the discounts are only good for one year and that the price will increase, if you do not call and once again negotiate for a new deal.


What a bunch of **bleep**!


All these cable companies are nothing but a bunch of greedy you know whats!

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Big Kudos

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I got my monthly bill lowered from $120 for phone with Fios 15/15 to $106,  and upgraded Fios 100/100 for 24 months. You have to bundle to get a discount. To me it's worth it I get the extra phone number with professional voicemail. I'm not worried what will happen after 24 mos., by then I will still have plenty of options, including 5G. The lower $106 figure is not so much a promotional offer as a locked-in contract for 24 mos. Costs $350 to escape.

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