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Verizon Home Page(es)

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Verizon Home Page(es)

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There are at least 3 or 4 flavors of the verizon home page that I am presented with to check email and/or phone activity (I have Fios and Digital Voice).  Two issues (besides the questions of why it can't all be one page???):


1.  Half the time the page takes minutes to load.  Other times it load immediately.  What's up with that??


2.  At some point my home page (which I set as gets changed to a flavor of the page where all the MS Explorer tool bars at the top, including "favorites" and the address box (where to enter a URL you want to surf to) are gone.  You just end up with a full page of Verizon stuff.  I have to exit Explorer and type from "My Computer" to get to the page I want.  Why are they switching the page on me??


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Re: Verizon Home Page(es)

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I absolutely agree with you about Verizon having too many web addresses. Trying to figure out which one to use when is about as confusing as any organization's web design I have ever seen. I suspect it is the result of their expanding from just a telephone company to many other areas and they have done it piecemeal instead of taking the time to do a proper design up front. Just my opinion....


Re: Your question #2. Is it possible that you have accidentally switched Internet Explorer to full screen mode? There is an option under View to see it full screen, which shows only the page, not the various bars. If this is what is happening, if you move the cursor to the top of the screen the toolbar, etc should re-appear until you move the cursor away. By default hitting F11 is supposed to toggle full screen on and off, although it does not on my system, I must have something set in my drivers to do something else.


Re: Your question #1. Unfortunately I have no idea. Do you display the status bar at the bottom of the IE window? If so, you should be able to see the progress of finding and loading the web page. Maybe by watching that you can see where the delay is occuring. If you do not display the status bar now you can do so by going to View and clicking on Status Bar.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Verizon Home Page(es)

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Well I can shed a little light on question 1.






The problem is that the web site has too many people visiting it all the time. Many of the programs that Install on your computer from Verizon will set your home page to So most Verizon customers have the home page as and due to that there is a lot of traffic going to that page. Hence when a lot of people are going online and loading the page it tends to slow down. Simply put if verizon would not have everyone set their home page to and if they would encourage more people to use an email client (outlook express, outlook, Thunderbird, etc) instead of checking the mail via the webmail, then the page would have less traffic and be much faster.


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