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Verizon Rip Off

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Verizon Rip Off

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I have been a Verizon customer for many years.  Recently a screen popped up on my TV screen saying I could get an amazon prime video membership free for one year plus 2 echo speakers with a new 2 year agreement for $144.00 plus tax.  I thought it sounded pretty good I was paying $201 For my services that included all the channels.  I figured with the taxes my bill would probably go up from the $144 they were offering and with tax to about $200 or a little more.  When they emailed me the estimated bill with taxes it went from $144 to $245.  A $100 jump from their original price and roughly $45 more dollars than I was currently paying.  When I called Verizon to cancel and put me back on my previous plan they told me they couldn’t and I was locked in at the price.  To make a long story short I wound up dropping HBO and Cinemax that I previously had and the bill went up to $253 without the speakers or the Prime Video membership.  then I was told to download the security package that was included supposedly in that price and when I did my bill jumped up to $272.  I told Verizon there was no way in hell I would pay them that kind of money.  I wound up after arguing with them and a supervisor for days paying $253 and later I dropped HBO and Cinemax the bill went down to 237.  The more I thought about this the angrier I became.  I even reminded them how long I have been a loyal Fios customer to no avail it fell on deaf ears.  I said if Optimum comes to my door I’m switching.  The very next day Optimum rep knocks on my door and I wound up switching back to them and paying right now almost $100 less with all the channels.  Another thing to know, very shortly Optimum is going 100 percent fiber optics they’re beta testing it right now in certain areas and in about two months they will be in my building, so Verizon will no longer hold to that claim.  I feel like Verizon does not care about their customers and their custom packages are a rip off and they are constantly changing them to charge more money and every one of their customer service agents told me something different so even they don’t fully know their own packages so how do you expect the customers to.

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Re: Verizon Rip Off

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I am going through a similar experience.  My contract is up and a new 2 yr contract will cost me $40/$50 more a month.  No breaks for loyal customers.  They are also imposing one time fees of $50 / $149 for upgrading equipment and internet.  Total ripoff.  Previous package bundled Hbo and Showime.  Now they want to charge $25 mo. for both.  I’m moving on to XFinity!

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Re: Verizon Rip Off

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Make sure optum is deploying fiber to the home vs 100% fiber in their network

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