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Verizon Yahoo Email Support Page

Verizon Yahoo Email Support Page

Contributor robenrox
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Wow, I am SHOCKED by the Verizon Yahoo email technical support page.  It is unbelievably useless.  The customer can only enter 100 characters, and then the automated system emails links it chooses.  What a joke.  This clearly doesn't work.  My question seems to be an easy one to answer IF someone from Verizon would actually read it.  I'm so disgusted  - where is the live chat?  Where is an email link to an agent?  "Contact Us" used to provide a real person, not a machine.  Who does that to their customers?  It's really a shame that Verizon has gone this route, I'm presuming to save money.  My links were not applicable to my problem so I "replied" to the email (like it said to do) thinking for sure this time a live agent would read it.  NOPE!  More links!  I'm thinking I made a big mistake getting FIOS Internet.


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Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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are you having verizon Issues or Yahoo issues?  I personally am not aware of any' Verizon Yahoo email technical support page'.  I know my neighbor gets directed to Yahoo support when she has to call Verizon about her @Yahoo.verizon.net [ or is it @verizon.yahoo.net ] ( or .com ) email account.  what issue are you having?
Contributor robenrox
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It's an issue with Verizon Yahoo email.  There is a page, this is it - http://netservices.verizon.net/portal/link/help/email.  I have a yahoo.com email address that I linked to my verizon.net email.  When I tried to change the password on the yahoo address, it directed me to the verizon.net sign on.  So I logged in there, but there was still no way to change the yahoo password.  I could only change the verizon.net password.  I kept trying, but just ended up going in circles.  I never could get access to change that password until I unlinked those accounts.  That's fine, but then I was told I could only unlink a maximum of 3 times or something like that.  I'm trying to find a way to change that password without unlinking. 


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Contributor misterdna
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Robenrox, praise the Lord, I went through the exact same process. The only way to update my linked Yahoo account password was to unlink the accounts. Now I'm trying to decide if want to relink them, or just pay $20/year for Yahoo's Mail Plus (a service I need with my linked account).


I too was SHOCKED at the number of deadend links for the Verizon Yahoo support pages. It is crazy, and I'm comforted to know someone else experienced this. When I talked to people from Yahoo and Verizon, both pointed fingers at the other company when I couldn't change my password. Very frustrating.


I'm not sure if this information is correct, but here's what I was told by a Verizon specialist for linked accounts (not just with Yahoo). He said, if you already had a Yahoo account before starting with the linked service, that is when support is sketchy. Crazy huh?


Oh, just for people who may not fully get what we are talking about, if you have a Verizon account, your email servers are the Verizon servers. If you have a Verizon Yahoo account, your Verizon email becomes hosted on Yahoo's servers. But what Robenrox and I are talking about is if you then link your Verizon Yahoo email account to a second Yahoo account (which gives that account benefits similar to Yahoo Mail Plus), then you are stuck in a limbo hell where you simply cannot change your password, and it's a mixed up maze of trying that can eat up hours of your life.


Sure wish Verizon or Yahoo would step up to the plate and fix these issues... The endless broken support links are rediculous, and they've been that way for years.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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MisterDNA, you sure have a good point. To further elaborate on your points…


The problem stems from traditional/legacy dial-up providers like AOL, Yahoo, etc. facing significant and crippling loss of market share as customers migrate to proprietary platforms like DSL, Cable & now FiOs. Lacking networks connected to each home in America, in order to retain their customers they had to reach “partnership” agreements with entities like Verizon, AT&T, etc.


I’m in no position to offer commentary on the support/repair offerings of AOL or Yahoo, but I sure do like it when a Verizon customer uses the Verizon e-mail because I can fix any issue that arises without being dependent on a “Portal Partner”.


At home I personally have had similar problems and have adopted a strategy of using a free web-mail service (like Hotmail or G-Mail) for my permanent e-mail address and then whatever internet provider is in my area for sub-accounts storage features, etc.


This way my e-mail address never EVER changes, my main reason for attempting the “Portal Partner” thing in the first place. Now, while granted, the other services may change every time I move to a new area/provider, I do not have the trauma anymore of those hybrid relationships.

Contributor robenrox
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THANK YOU misterdna!  If the number of page views our comments have gotten are any indication, MANY people are suffering with the same issues.  Shame on Verizon AND Yahoo for blaming each other.  I eventually decided to just leave them unlinked, even though that means the Yahoo email address is pretty bare bones.  I guess I'll deal because clearly no one is willing to help.  Sad.  Verizon is really the one that needs to step up because I'm paying them, not Yahoo. 
Contributor rf
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I reset my yahoo mail acount by clicking on  " I can't access my account" . Enter your alternate email and click on the link yahoo will send you on that email address. Then, enter the new password.
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Gold Contributor V
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One thing to remember, yahoo and verizon are seperate companies. While they do have a partnership to offer the yahoo service on verizon for the convienance of the customer, yahoo is still a completely different company and does not give verizon access to its internal systems. So when you have a problem with yahoo itself, verizon can do nothing as they dont have access. This goes for AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and Direct TV as well. All these companies have agreements with verizon, but verizon has absolutely no control over or access to these systems.


Just as an example, say you buy a ford car with XM radio. if you have a problem with XM, Ford can do nothing about it. They just had a partnership to put the radio in. Same with Verizon and Yahoo.


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