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Verizon offered diagnostic software

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Verizon offered diagnostic software

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My computer is slowing down. This is not a connection issue.  The FIOS is running great.  I'm running Windows XP HO, Pentium 4 1.5GHz. Don't laugh - this has been a really dependable computer.  I've defraged and cleaned out the temp files, etc. but things are still running slow. I have a vague recollection that years ago Verizon offered a piece of free software to run some kind of diagnostic but now I can't find it at the Verizon website.  If it is no longer offered does anyone have any free recommendations.  I'd prefer not going out and buying a huge suite of tools that I'm never going to use.  Spyware and viruses are not an issue. 


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Re: Verizon offered diagnostic software

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Fios software for this is fair.  But there are better ones available.  Just don't use some of those that advertise heavily on web pages, some of which are really spyware rather than anti-spyware.  Find one that is well rated and make sure you get it directly from them.


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