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Verizon's Internet Security Suite Slows Sytem to crawl?

Verizon's Internet Security Suite Slows Sytem to crawl?

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Copper Contributor
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Verizon's Internet Security Suite Slows Sytem to crawl?

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I am trying to figure out why in the last 6 months Internet Security Suite has slowed my system to a crawl or freeze.  Does anyone know if the following are associated with ISS (which by the way went up in price, but NOT in quality) since no one with the call center either knows:










Scanning Process is just killing me and for $72.00 per year I am sure I can find security software that won't freeze my system.  Fios TV & Internet started out good, but has gone straight down hill all the way around.  I dumped everything once and am about ready to do it again.  Telephone has a buzzing everytime we have high winds or rain. Gave up on customer service months ago when they started that old AOL routine of blaming everyone else and passing you around until you give up or go away. Hoping someone here knows or can help.


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Re: Verizon's Internet Security Suite Slows System to crawl?

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The sooner you remove it the better off you will be. Download AVG--it's free. I removed the Internet Security Suite from the grandkids computer and two friends whose systems had slowed.  In each case, the computers were running Windows XP and did not have a lot of memory.

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Re: Verizon's Internet Security Suite Slows Sytem to crawl?

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The easiest way to find out what processes belong to what program is  go to www.processlibrary.com in th esearch box type in the name of the process and it will tell you what program it belongs to and if it is afe to shut off. Or if it is some form of malware, spyware, etc.

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Re: Verizon's Internet Security Suite Slows Sytem to crawl?

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ISS does not get rid of the spyware (inetp60.dll) on my PC and its causing my PC to be extremely slow.  When I emailed support they sent me back 2 replies that had nothing at all to do with my question.  I'm going to cancel it and purchase another security program.

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Re: Verizon's Internet Security Suite Slows Sytem to crawl?

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First of all, Verizon does not create A/V software.  Verizon can't even keep their speed checker up and running.  I have had to change the way to log in to access my account online three times now, and all they can say is it's the FCC's fault.


When Verizon pulled the plug on their current free A/V ware and invited me to sign up for the el-cheapo alternative they were offering, I tried it. 


Even the download from Canada somehow failed and threw an error message.  I took this as an omen and jettisoned the Verison offering and went with Norton. 


Are they perfect (Norton)?  They have been at it for decades now and are still getting the bugs out.  But buy into some freebee just so I don't have to pay my way in society? 


Hey!  Go for it.  You get (and deserve) what you are willing to pay for.


I mean there is supposed to be an auto-login here on this forum and they can't even get that to work.  Do you really expect they can protect your most precious data?                  

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