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Very SLOW connection - 5 mbps download

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Very SLOW connection - 5 mbps download

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Since November, 2014, I've been experiencing very slow connection.

  • Redlands, CA 92373
  • 5 mbps download 30 mbps upload
  • Called the call center 5 times. Each time, just a bunch of rebooting the router & speedtest.net checking
  • A new Verizon router was installed and didn't improve anything.
  • Technician 1 visited and mentioned that there is a network hardware problem in the area and many people called in for slow connection issues. The technician rebooted the ONT box and said if the speed goes down again, the ONT box should be replaced. The speed went down as soon as the technical left.
  • Technician 2 visited and replaced the ONT box. Later that day, the speed went down to 5 mpbs for download.
  • It's so slow at the time of writing this that Facebook page is rendered with texts only.

Are there anyone from Redlands, CA area who have been experiencing the slow connection for a while?

I don't want to call in again to go thru another around of 1 hour long rebooting / resetting the router and chekcing the speedtest.net exercises.


I feel I am being ripped off because I am paying for 75/75.

I'm running out of patience and am considering to switch to Timewarner.



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Re: Very SLOW connection - 5 mbps download

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Are you performing this speed test wirelessly or hardwirded? You need to do the test hardwired and test from the Verizon speed page.http://my.verizon.com/services/speedtest/

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Re: Very SLOW connection - 5 mbps download

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Oh Man this things popping out of everywhere!!!!!!!

1.Router: Quantum G1100 (Primary)2.Router :Nighthawk AC1900
3.Speed:75/75 Mbps
4.FIOS TV Ultimate HD
5.FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited
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