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Very Slow Upload Speed

Very Slow Upload Speed

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I have had the FIOS 20/5 service for several years now, but just recently signed up for a cloud backup service.  I have used several in the past with no real upload issues, but now I can't seem to get anything above .75Mbps.  Download speed is great at right at 18-19Mbps, so no concerns there.  I have run the Verizon Speed Optimizer tool and run that, have connected directly to the router via ethernet with everything else unplugged, and still cannot get anything over .75Mbps.  The one interesting thing is the Verizon speed test says I'm getting 2.3Mbps, but, speakeasy and dslreports all are very consistent in the .70-.75Mbps range.  I have read 8-10 posts on the same topic, but never seem find a response with an answer.  Can anyone help me out with this?

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I've been having an issue with this the past few nights, my upload speed drops around 8pm and doesn't start going back up until around 12am, I have the 50mb download/ 25mb upload plan. When my speed drops i get around 0.68 upload, my download is still around what I pay for. This is a major problem for me because I live Stream during those times and for the past few nights I haven't been able to stream. I used the verizon speed test app when I did the test. The first night I thought it was my router so I used the verizon optimization tool, but its been the same thing for the past few nights.

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Just curious if you both ever found a resolution.  I've spent quite a few hours on the phone, on chat or with a tech at my house and no improvement.  I have the 35/35 plan...I'm usually getting over 40 down, but usually less than 1 up.  I've noticed too that first thing in the morning (before 8am ET) that my upload speed is usually around 15-20 Mbps which I could deal with except it lasts for about an hour.


I've replaced the router to a more current Actiontec version.  The tech replaced the ONT box.  No improvement over past past 1.5 weeks.  My 2-year plan is up this month so really would like a resolution or will need to consider another provider although up until this issue I was very very pleased with the service.



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try to make sure you are hardwired, and run this test and make sure to hit details and either copy and paste the results or at least post both the send buffer and receiver buffer sizes.  



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I have the same issue as a livestreamer yet at my friends house 1 mile away I stream fine with no dropped frames or reset connections and she has an upload of 5 where mine sits around 35. Its not the hardware since I used the same exact computer as well as using a wired connection both times.

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