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WPS functionality -- and my rambling justification for its immediate activation!

WPS functionality -- and my rambling justification for its immediate activation!

Contributor NYGroove
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I'm curious ... why would Verizon develop, market and install routers with a 'WPS' wireless connect button front center of the device and not allow its use?   


Aside from some very vocal criticson this forum of WPS being 'hackable' (what, exactly, isn't hackable?) and not secure, there seems to be absolutely no reason for not allowing its usage.  The WiFi network to which it would provide access is within my control, thusly rendering its security to me anyway.  If it gets hacked, who's problem is it?   Mine and my unsecure little electronic devices - all of which I basically apply the "don't leave anything on it you don't want mom to see" principal anyway!  


Another question for the community is how secure is your current WPA/WPA-2 WiFi if you are giving its password to guests in your house (whom you are of course more than willing to share all that surplus bandwith ; ) ... but when they leave you have to change the password to the entire network ... and manually update each and every device on it (which for me is an A/V reciever, my smartphone, my PC, my printer, my PS4, my Xbox, my PS3, my blue ray device .... my Keurig .... you get the point).


What's the hold up and/or the big deal?   Almost everything on the market today allows for push-button WPS connectivity (except iphones .... but that's what you get for having an iphone anyway - no offense).    I'm running out of clever ways to graphically spell lengthy curse-terms for me to remember (will refrain from posting examples - but at least I crack up everytime i have to log in to something manually).   


C'mon Verizon .... the WPS button is the biggest thing on the router (besides your logo : )   let us use it (please?)

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Platinum Contributor III
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Personally agree that the push button from should be activated. 


Note that ACTIONTEC develops the router and probably supplies some modules for its software, although its Verizon that takes responsibility for the software.  The same router, branded for different companies, probably does have the WPS enabled which is why the button is there.

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