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Waiting for FiOS, Still!!!!

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Waiting for FiOS, Still!!!!

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Ever since a Verizon rep knocked on my door more than 6 years ago talking to me about switching to FiOS from my current DSL, I am still waiting for service!  At the time he came to my home, they were installing the fiber optics on the street behind me and he stated that they will be working on my street in the next three weeks.


As far as I know, they have never installed the fiber optic cable yet.  A minimum of no less than 5 times per week I receive advertisement inserts in my mail, with my newspaper inviting me to switch to FiOS.  Every time I go online or call Verizon, I am told it is not available in my area.


My neighbors all around us on EVERY street have the opportunity to select FiOS except my street.  Why were we left out when they installed the fiber optics?  We live in a planned community and there is no ordinance that prevented the fiber optics to be installed.


Because of contracts with the city, I am prevented from obtaining equivalent services from other competing IP's.  I think it is VERY UNFAIR that I am not able to receive FiOS at my home when I'm bombarded almost daily with cries to GET FiOS!


I have been a Verizon customer both for Landline service, Mobile Phone service and Internet service since I moved into our home in February 1990.  I think it's high time Verizon install the fiber optics on my street and give me the choice to choose to receive FiOS.


Since I cannot switch to another company like Charter, Cox, DSL Extreme etc.  That provide faster comparable speeds and pricing I am looking to moving out of this area and canceling all my Verizon accounts and going with another company.  I really think this is ridiculous that Verizon has not completed what they started almost 7 years ago in my neighborhood.


I placed my name on Verizon's "We'll Notify You When Fios Becomes Available In Your Area" over 6 years ago and have spent an average of $165.00/mo. on Verizon services and still NO FiOS!!!!!!!!


I've talked to many people at Verizon that have gotten me nowhere.  Even the letters that I've mailed to Verizon's Corporate HQ to Lowell C. McAdam have only produced a generalized "Form Letter" that did not address my issue.


I would like someone who has any authority to look into this.  I'm tired of waiting!    Smiley Mad   


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