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Was I supposed to get a new router with gigabit?

Was I supposed to get a new router with gigabit?

Contributor starmannj
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Hi all,

  A tech came out today to install my gigabit service, but he said that he was told not to give me a new router. Anyway, my speeds are 100/100, not the expected 1000/1000 like other people seem to have. He installed a new ONT, but the router is still the ActionTec MI42. He said I can get gigabit speed with that router, but that router is OLD. I don't know if it supports gigabit or not.

  Before I call, can someone tell me if I should have gotten a new router?


EDIT: I forgot to mention - he had a tablet with him to check my wireless connection. It was in the red. I'm thinking that wasn't good.




Contributor starmannj
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Registered: ‎04-16-2018
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I can't seem to edit...


Ok, I have an Actiontec MI424-WR Rev. E and I have conflicting info. One web site says it's 10/100, another says it's 10/100/1000. Can anyone tell me if it's actually a Gigabit router? Thanks.


EDIT: the back of the unit says 10/100, so whatever web site says that the Rev E has gigabit is wrong. I need a new router.


I'm confused as to why I was told the Rev E I have would work with gigabit speeds when it clearly does not.

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Gold Contributor VII
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Call 1-800-VERIZON tell them to replace your router. Tell them what you said here.

they are pretty good at replacing routers when necessary.

 Sorry I forgot the spec site.



Doesnt seem to be a gigabyte router. 10/100

Contributor starmannj
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My original post is here Was I supposed to get a new router with gigabit?


I didn't want my CS story to get lost.


Ok, so here's an update. 


I called V this morning and told them that the guy who did the installation said I didn't need a new router. The CS rep said "well, that's a lie". He said that I just have to take my order number to my local V store and they'll give me a modem. Great.


So I go there, and the rep at the store said that because the order was made a month ago, that they can't give me a modem. What? Even though the work was done yesterday, the order was made a month ago and orders expire in three days. That makes NO sense to me. Am I supposed to make two orders when the tech should have given me a **bleep** modem in the first place?


The store rep said I could call V and have them make an order and then they'll give me the new modem. The problem is, the CS rep I spoke to in chat said that I already had a new modem installed (WRONG) and that my service is working (YES, but at 10% speed). She didn't understand that my router is like 10 years old and I need a new one for gigabit speed. I told her at least twice that my router only supports 10/100, not 1000. She was convinced that I had a tech problem (I don't). So she puts me on with tech support who said "I see your router wasn't upgraded. We're sending you a new one".


This is the kind of customer service that annoys me because people should know what they're talking about. Hell, I'm not a Verizon employee and I know more than the CS people.


  • The installer should have known that the 100/100 speed I was getting was too slow for gigabit.
  • The CS rep I spoke to this morning should have known about the three day rule.
  • The CS rep I spoke to later today should have known that the Actiontec MI424 doesn't do gigabit.


This is 2018. This level of CS should not happen anymore.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
Posts: 4,833
Registered: ‎10-18-2016
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I told you and showed you that your router was not gigabyte.

however Verizon gives a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee so you could always just cancel service if you are unhappy.

secondly since the install was just 3 days it is possible to get the installer back to correct the error and bring the new router with him/her.


hooefully the person you spoke with actually sent the new Quantum router and just did not shine you on to get you off the phone. There should be a confirmation email or an online account notation stating it was sent. 


Hope it all works out.


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