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Watching TV/movies online - MS Silverlight plugin

Watching TV/movies online - MS Silverlight plugin

Contributor Roxysoxy82
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I am having issues watching any on-demand programming on my laptop, including things I have purchased.  When I try to watch anything I get an error stating that I need to install the MS Silverlight plugin, and continue getting the same message after downloading and installing it from the provided link.

I reviewed prior posts and so I tried to use MS Edge to watch, including uninstalling and reinstalling Silverlight through Edge, with no improved results.


Any suggestions on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated.



Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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The above link may help.




This is not actually a fios  problem but a Microsoft one. Note the Xfinity forum has a different set of solutions. Although a cable company the silver light install site may have a better version.


good luck

Contributor ReadABook
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Not a FIOS problem? I disagree. 


From a practical perspective, the underlying software they rely upon for PC-based distribution no longer works for 95% of that market because Chrome and Firefox stopped supporting it. 


From a legal perspective, Verizon is almost falsely advertising the ability to stream to PCs.


From a potential financial PR perspective, the new owners of Yahoo let their own software age badly.  Doesn't look good for future of some of Yahoo's better assets that they paid billions for (read: future writeoffs that will cause hit to stock price).

Assign an intern to hook up a new player for PCs that works with Chrome and Firefox already.



Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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You can disagree but it still is not a Fios situation. 

The ability to watch videos on a computer is dependent on third party providers.

these providers are not keeping the programs up to date and in fact are faxing them out. Blame Microsoft and Adobe


verizon like the cable companies have their stand alone apps which in fact work.

the obligation of the company is to provide internet and phone and tv connectivity which they do. No guarantee of warranty is given on the use of the service outside of their own proprietary apps.


even though Verizon now owns Yahoo the obligations of the one company has no effect on the workings of the other.


I can give you an example that I recently was in where I subscribe to Acorn TV and when Apple updated to iOS 11 the Acorn TV app stopped working on the Apple TV.

after countless phone and emails to Acorn they were blaming Apple. However all the Apple company stated was their involvement was they allow Acorn to place their app in the store and it’s the Acorn app developers that must make it function properly.

after a week of back and forth Acorn fixed the app. So I can not blame Apple.

and by the way the Acorn app worked on Roku and computers, tablets, iPhones etc.

but the case with silverlight is not a Verizon issue.


Contributor billyoungsyr
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I found that the Silverlight issue only works when running IE11.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Never had Silverlight and I was able to view such material on my pc.  May have been using Flash.  Can't test anymore as I am now a Frontier customer.


Note that both products have a end of life date set.  And both only work on a limited number of browsers.

Contributor Smezzes
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It is a Verizon Fios issue as they are making this third party software a "dependency" to access the services we are paying for.  Once a dependency is no longer (a) reliable; and (b) able to function for the vast majority of customers, they need to own the issue to replace said dependency with another viable option for their customers.


Otherwise customers aren't getting the service they paid for.      I understand your point generally, but due to the widespread issue here - Fios will need to step in and unfortunately come up with an alternative method as it will continue to freeze their customers out of their ability to watch in this manner.

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