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Webmail constantly timing out

Webmail constantly timing out

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Switched to FiOS in December, and use the My Verizon Webmail client to read/compose email.  Works OK when it stays up, other than CC'ing myself on every email, and adding a Re: every time I reply, but those are minor cosmetic things.  The biggest problem I have is that my Webmail sessions are constantly, and I mean all the time, timing out.


I have read the Support and Forum postintgs telling me that this only happens after 10 minutes of inactivity, but I have it happen literally seconds after logging in.  And the statements that the client will save a draft when it times out is just patently false, as I never once have had a draft saved when I re-login; 100% of the time my work is lost if I was composing a message.


I have refreshed, reinstalled, and tried three different browsers, and all of them see this problem.  This happens whether I am logged in via my home PC on the FiOS network, or remotely from my workplace network, and there is no predictability at all as to when it happens; right after login, while composing a message, when hittingthe next message key, etc., but it most certainly is not happening at a time of inactivity.


What can I do to prevent this from happening?

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I have the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought that it might be my computer but I never had this problem with the same computer on Comcast!


Thanks for posting your question!  I anxiously await someone's reply to it!

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Are you guys by any chance filtering out session cookies in the browser or through a security suite?

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This started happening to me two weeks ago, and it doesn't matter what browser or machine I use - IE6, IE8, Firefox 11 all do it, both at work and at home.  I went online with their technical help to report it, let him take control of my PC, and after a long session of checking my browser settings and changing none of them, it worked long enough to delete a few emails and read one.  I thanked him, logged out.  Logged in again two minutes later, and it still does it.  Sometimes it happens seconds after logging in, with no action at all; sometimes after calling up a message, sometimes after deleting a message.  Sometimes I can delete single messages, but not tag groups of them for deletion.  It's random, but it fails every time in some manner, within seconds of login.



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I am having this same problem and have looked thru the community for others with this problem.  It looks like this is a problem dating back from 2010!  Why?  I will be anxious to see if this gets any reply or answers.  I just recently (past 2months) switched from Verizon DSL to FIOS and was using the MSN premium until that was no longer available.  I do not like this email set up.

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Has anyone received an answerbto this problem?

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I am having this same problem. It started out only happening randomly and rarely, but now is happening EVERY time I try to read or write email or move emails into a folder to save, and it is NOT after 10 or 20 minutes of inactivity, it is almost immediate. Someone please help.

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