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Westell 9100 EM DNS Server Settings & Remotely Accessing Router

Westell 9100 EM DNS Server Settings & Remotely Accessing Router

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Where in router setttings do I need to go to add IP Addresses for DNS Servers?



Also, how do I enable the router to let me access it from Internet (Not Local Lan)?  And once thats enabled, how do I access router remotely (for example from your smartphone)?



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First things first.

#1 Go to http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm

#2 And please tell me which guide is the closest to the screens of your router.

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To enalbe remote administration, go to the route configuration page ( if you're using a default configuration) and click on Firewall and then Remote Administartion...  I highly recommend selecting "Using Secondary HTTPS Port (8443).


Save that and click on Main.  On the main page the status will show your IP address.


From your smartphone or outside computer, http://your_ip_address:8443.


I hightly recommend DynDNS.org or some other DNS routing service.




As for DNS settings in the router...  DNS for what???  DNS for the router to resolve, DNS for DHCP or dynamic DNS???

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Thanks for all the help. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier but this stupid forum forget password function wouldn't work, kept saying "invalid zip code", otherwise I would have replied on day 1, thus had to create new user name.


Anyways, the user manual for this westell 9100 router can be found at http://onlinehelp.verizon.net/consumer/bin/pdf/VzMI424WRUserManualv4.pdf


I was able to remotely access it after all by going to Advanced,>>Remote Administration>>and selecting >>Using Primary HTTP Port (80) and Using Secondary HTTP Port (8080).  


I just didn't realize that when accessing my router remotely I had to put my router ip http://x.x.x.x:8080



Now the problem is, I want to use OpenDNS.com, their free parental controls, is alot better than parental controls set up that comes with router.


Their instructions , found here https://www.opendns.com/start/device/westell  basically say go to WAN / Advanced Wan and enter the PRIMARY DNS and SECONDARY DNS, OpenDNS's IP Address.


The problem is, I couldn't for the life of me figure out where WAN setting on this westell 9100 interface is, again reference to manual http://onlinehelp.verizon.net/consumer/bin/pdf/VzMI424WRUserManualv4.pdf.  Until I stumbled across,http://www22.verizon.com/residentialhelp/fiosinternet/troubleshooting/network/questionsone/99144.htm  which pinpointed exactly where to add the primary and secondary dns addresses, which I did.


However, after doing this, opendns still doesn't function on my router. Before I had the linksys router from Verizon and OpenDNS worked just fine.


So if someone can please help with configuring OPENDNS on this router it would be greatly appreciated.





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Log in > Click on My Network > on the left side click on Network Connections


Select you network connection - mine was called ' WAN PPPoE' - Click on edit icon (the pencil)


At the properties window click on the 'Configure Connection' link on the left.


Change the DSN dropdown from automatic DNS to entering your own...and put the OPENdns ones in there.


That should do it.

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