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What are the black boxes?

What are the black boxes?

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my service was converted to fios yesterday. It took hours, as the order was messed up, so I forgot to ask the worker what all the black boxes were (I wish Verizon had heard of miniaturization! Everyone doesn't live in huge mansions!) I know which one is the router. And I figure the box with Christmas lights is some sort of modem, but what is the long black box? I also see that it has a port for a charging cord. When is that used? Can anyone enlighten me? And does Verizon have a manual for this stuff?

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Not sure what boxes you are referring to.

Can you post what the model numbers of them are?

And you can probably Google each model number and get a description of what each is.

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My guess would be that the black box is an STB connected to a TV?

Model numbers off the devices would help with identity.

There is no modem involved in a fios setup,  Typically there is an ont that converts the fiber signal to ethernet, coax and phone.

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, when googled the numbers on the stuff I got no results. Possibly read them wrong. I do see that the line goes into the box with green blinking lights that is labeled ONT I-211M-L, ( when I tried googling that number, I got "site cant be reached!). Then it goes to another rectangular box with a blue "ONT Reset" button. That is the one with the input that looks as though it takes current from the wall if needed. Finally, it goes to a huge flat thing that has the network name and password, so I figure that is the router, or whatever it's called in fios.


i am going to try calling Verizon and see if I can get any information. I should have had the installer go over it, but after 6 hours trying to install phone and Internet (no TV), when all the outside work had been done already, we were all exhausted, and I had to go run errands...I had been told it would take 2 hours! Silly me!

Copper Contributor cjjjjj
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OK, Cancel this. I finally got someone at Verizon who could answer my questions.

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