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What can't Verizon just be truthful to it's customers

What can't Verizon just be truthful to it's customers

Copper Contributor hey_moe
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Last night I had again one of the sales person lie about the product. My bill right now is 121 and some change. I was first lied to when they talked me into going to the 75/35 speed and my bill went from 121 to 167...so much for the 15.00 increase. I canceled that and they talked me into going to the 50/25 for only 10.oo. I asked if he could send me a email stating the increase of only 10.00 byt he said he couldn't. Verizon also has it locked out so you can't do a copy and paste...wonder why????? Anyway I told the sa;es person I didn't want to do over 131.00, and he stated it shouldn't. So this morning I get this email from Verizon, as you can see below it was more like a 25.00 increase not a 10.00 increase. Proof is in the puddin by what other customers are stating and they also have in black and white about the so called 10.00 increase for faster speed. It is more like a 20.00 to 40.00 increase. my bill went from 121 to 148....is my math wrong here or what..view below >>> 


Estimated Monthly Charges

This estimate is not your actual bill, which may vary   based on the completion dates of your service(s), usage, duration of   promotional discounts, or changes made after this order. Click on any of the   blue links for descriptions.




Products and Promotions


Monthly     Charges




Triple Play



  • FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited
  • FiOS TV Extreme HD
  • FiOS Internet 50/25
  • $5 24 Mo. FiOS Digital Voice     Discount Included thru Nov 8, 2013
  • $10 24 Mo. Bundle Credit     Included thru Nov 8, 2013
  • $5 24 Mo. Bundle Credit Included     thru Nov 8,2013
  • $5 24-Month Contract Discount     Included



STB Package - 2 Room








Taxes,     Fees, and Other Charges




Estimated     Monthly Charges
    (Do not pay. This     is not an actual bill.)




What to Expect on Your First     Bill


Statement     Date: 03/07/2013


Your first bill includes the categories of charges listed   below. These estimates, which may vary from your actual first bill, are based   on your initial installation date and products ordered.


Estimated     Monthly Subtotal




Partial     Month Charges or Credits


Partial Month for Services Added




Partial Month for Services     Removed




One-Time     Charges and Credits






Taxes,     Fees, and Other Charges




Estimated     First Bill Charges
    (Do not pay. This     is not an actual bill.)






Router remains the property of     Verizon and must be returned when service is terminated.


Your first bill may also include     Unpaid     Bill Charges and Account Adjustments


Watch a quick video on Understanding your Verizon Bill.



Contributor luvluck
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Thats why i am switching to comcast. 

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Silver Contributor II
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You're obviously not alone, hey_moe. This is apparently quite a standard practice. I am a long time and mostly satisfied FiOS customer. I was lied to both times I "signed" up for service. (And no, I don't mean I misunderstood.) My last experience was when I called Verizon to remove some movie channels. I stated that we were canceling them because we were already paying too much for our package and we didn't need them. The agent took that opportunity to review our account to see if he could save us any money. He said that he could save us at least 5-10 dollars a month if we upgraded to the Extreme channel package and Digital Voice. That sounded too good to be true, so we spent the better part of a half hour going line by line over the bill to make sure that he was correct. He kept repeating these lines over and over:


  1. You'll be paying less than you are now.
  2. You'll be getting more channels.
  3. You won't lose any of your current services.
  4. If you don't like it, you can cancel within 30 days and return to your previous package.

Sounded great. What did we have to lose?


Within 24 hours our MRDVR function stopped working. We figured it would return. It didn't. We called in. Found out that one of the main ways the agent had "saved" us money was canceling that service, even though we had specifically asked that question. We looked up online and saw that our estimated new bill was not 5-10 dollars less, but $15 more/month. That's not what we had agreed to. So 3 days after changing, we demanded to be switched back. Verizon's response was, "Sorry, your old plan isn't offered anymore. We can't switch you back."


Yes, livid doesn't begin to describe. It took several calls, many hours, and everything short of cussing the poor agents out to reach an acceptable compromise. So, no, your story doesn't surprise me in the least.


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Copper Contributor hey_moe
Copper Contributor
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Well so far I have just threw in the towel trying to get this fixed. After trying to get everything put back like it was nothing was done. I decided to file a formal complaint with the BBB and I also wrote a formal complaint to the corporate office. I'll give it a month or so to see what happens from here. I am so disappointed with Verizon right now. Hopeful someone in the corporate office gives a poo poo about what is going on with the treatment of their customers or maybe the BBB can help fix the problem.I really believe they push their employees to sell and try and get as much as they can, which most companies do this anyway. But the broken promises and lying needs to come to a stop.What really bothers me the most is when you trust the person at the other end of the line and then at the end of the month you get a bill double of what was quoted. Kind of presses the wrong button.It's really not necessary either.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Hello hey_moe,

It appears that your issue is being handled through our private support portal. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue on your private support case as the support agents will not see the public boards.


Please go to your profile page for the forum by clicking on your name, and look down the middle towards the bottom where you will find an area titled "My Private Support Cases".

There you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions.



Copper Contributor hey_moe
Copper Contributor
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎01-13-2013
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Well Annie, I look where you suggested and as I suspected nothing which is par for the course. Kinda what I expected. Anyway I would rather this complaint just go through it proper channels/ ( BBB and Corporate)  I trust the BBB to correct this. As far as Verizon Corporate is concerned I have a 20% chance of them correcting it and doing the right thing. Like I said in the letter I wrote to corporate, just read your own forums and read what your own customers are saying about the many problems we are having. If Verizon cares enough about the problems they might...notice I said might correct some of their own issues.

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