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What ever happened to my webpage and access to it?

What ever happened to my webpage and access to it?

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I have bought a Verizon phone and internet subscription a couple of years ago, which included a private webpage.  That web page still exists and has articles I wrote and placed there a couple of years ago. However,  I the owner of it can no longer access it any longer.  Is this censorship of private web page control?  No one has been able to give me a reason for this.  The support people are clueless and at times give me a bad phone number to distract me.  No I have not included any profanity racist text or anything that could be construed as offensive.  It is interesting to note that a friend of mine, who has a website at another internet provider has the identical problem.  The web page content is on line to show that all is normal, but he is frozen out of it from makeing any changes and updates.  Is our government or is our big corporations so affraid of free speech of private individuals, that they must tie our hands and prevent Internet access to our webpages? Sure chat rooms still exist and facebook and the like, but they are not topical and the same as a website.  What on earth is going on? I wonder if the censors will allow even these questions to be viewed by others. I would be curious to find out how many other people are having the same problems.

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As an 'enhancement' to the Verizon experience, Verizon ended FTP based access to web space for residential customers in August. In fact they only way to delete what you have out there now is to call Verizon and have the support people do it. Apparently they regard FTP as a security problem, it is so serious that Verizon still allows their commercial web site customers to use it however. Like the elimination of the  newsgroups, another 'improvement'...


Verizon has replaced the FTP based product with something call site builder. I will refrain using the adjectives many users have used to describe site builder, however I do not disagree with those characterizations. I expressed my displeasure in no uncertain terms in a letter to Verizon's CEO many months ago. I never received a written reply.


If you want to actually have usable web space, you can either use an advertiser support web hosting, or spend a few dollars a month with someone like GoDaddy and then it really is your own space to do with as you please.

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