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What is Verizon_IHAMessageCenter.exe?

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What is Verizon_IHAMessageCenter.exe?

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I used a utility called Soluto to analyze how much time each program or process takes to load when my computer boots up. It reports that Verizon_IHAMessageCenter.exe takes 33 seconds to load. What is the purpose of it, what is it part of and what is the impact if I disable it from loading or uninstall it?

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Re: What is Verizon_IHAMessageCenter.exe?

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sounds like in home agent message center?  


so part of the in home agent software which is like an auto correct self help tool from Verizon. 


many of it's features can be found at   so if it's severely impacting your machine, then I would think you could remove it and just remember to bookmark the repair site or remember it so you can use it when you have a problem. 

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Re: What is Verizon_IHAMessageCenter.exe?

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I was having a different problem.  Recently, I started getting messages that IHAMessageCenter was using one hundred percent of my cpu.  It only lasted a second, so I never pursued it.  Later, when I contacted Norton Technical Support I found out that Norton Internet security doesn't catch spyware.  While fixing my pc, they had me download Advanced System Protector Free Edition from SysTweak.  This detects and eliminates spyware.  Once the spyware was gone, I didn't have any more messages about IHAmessagecenter, and my computer boots a lot more  quickly.

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Re: What is Verizon_IHAMessageCenter.exe?

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Yep, it periodically screws up and grabs 100% of a CPU.


Personally I think In-home-agent does so little useful things on your Computer that I recommend you uninstall it.  Make sure you check for other installed verizon pieces as just uninstalling the obvious in home agent pieces leaves other gems like the IHAMessageCenter.


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