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What's Next?

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What's Next?

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I just set up a Verizon Fios account and installation is on Thursday.  The salesman and 2 emails and a postcard have told me to go to to "confirm your order and prepare for installation".  Also, I will be "automatically registered for a chance to win $1000 in the "What's Next to Win" Sweepstakes". 


I can't log in!


I have tried everything - including calling verizon's FIOS number 888-553-1555 - answered endless recorded messages - requested a "representative" - waited on hold - finally get someone live - tell them my problem - they transfer me to someone else - I wait on hold - someone answers - I get disconnected.   I call back - answer a gazillion recorded questions - wait on hold - get a live person - they can't help me - transfer me to someone else -  I wait on hold - they finally answer - tell me they can't help me - give me another numver altogether - 800-567-6789 - I call that number - steaming mad at this point.  No one there can help me.  Finally get someone in technical support who wants to so a "shared screen" thing where he's on my computer remotely and can see what I am seeing.  I say NO - I don't have time at this point.


Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Re: What's Next?

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Yeah thats normal for phone support, they like to keep passing you around til no end. PM Techman28 he should be able to help.
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Re: What's Next?

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Thanks I will!
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Re: What's Next?

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ok found out what was wrong Firefox was giving problems going to the site so we used IE and worked like a champ....I'll have to find out if there is something we can do to get that resolved.
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Re: What's Next?

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Thanks so much for your help!  Folks out there who use Firefox - if you have problems like I did - try it on IE.

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