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What should I do? Gigabit

What should I do? Gigabit

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I recently ordered Verizon Fios services to be installed on Friday, September 15, 2017. This was the worst customer experience I have ever had and continues to be a nightmare.
The technicians came early and set up the gigabit connection very quick. We tested it and initially it worked well. However, within 10 minutes of installation, the internet was not working. The technicians spent the next 3.5 hours trying different configurations but nothing seemed to help. The internet would come on, would be very slow and would eventually cut off. The technicians tried multiple new quantum gateway routers but none seemed to fix the issue. 
The technicians said there was nothing more they could do and that they tried everything. I needed internet setup so I called verizon support and they said that my only options were 50/50 with my older router or gigabit for the same price. And, of course, since gigabit was not working, I was forced to go with the 50/50 for the time being because that worked.
Today I spoke with a Verizon representative and they said my options were to reorder gigabit and set a new installation date or pay much more to upgrade to the 100/100 which can be done with current coax setup. I was reassured that the gigabit connection would magically work even though it did not work Friday. Unfortunately, 50/50 ends up being too slow for what I do at home.
I'm not on a contract so I can cancel anytime.
Any advice? Should I try again with gigabit? I have cox and comcast in my area, so I could try another provider.
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Before you go "outside" an inventory of your "internal" hardware might be worth looking into.

Clock Speeds on PC’s




Best processors 2017: top CPUs for your PC




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I am a mite puzzled that a Verizon Fios installation team just gave up.

having taken the equation from the install point, the would drop fiber optic cabling either from a pole or from an underground cable. This cable gets installed to the ONT either from outside your residence or mounted inside your residence.


now taking into consideration your previous install was through coaxial setup the next thing that has to be done is for the installer to call Verizon and have it switched over to ethernet. (Was this done?) if it was done the next thing that has to be done after the switch over is to run cat5e or 6 ethernet from the ONT to your router. Now normally the router is Verizon's but they will install customer owned routers, the ethernet from the ONT is connected to the WAN port on the router and it then waits for DHCP to be obtained from the Verizon servers. (Was this done?) Now after all is physically installed the techs call in to their CO and make sure all the connections are correct and that the speeds are available. If there is a issue either on the pole, at the CO, or at the ONT then they troubleshoot the issues and make corrections.

They now call in to make sure you are provisioned for the gigabyte speeds. They are supposed to test the speed using the Verizon speed test and from their equipment.

if there is again speed issues they should be finding out through testing where the problem is.


If they test and the speeds you are provisioned for are there they will mark it as installed and move on. If the speeds are not there they normally call in to make sure the provisioning was done correctly or to place an engineering request for them to handle it. Having them just pack up and go is not an option.


Call Verizon up and get them back to install it correctly. Or contact your states attorney general and file a complaint or state public service commission or Utilities Commission that handles such matters. You can also file a complaint here http://www.fcc.gov 

who can get action for you.


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Thanks very much for your reply! I thought something was a bit off. I found out today that verizon is also charging me for the new router which the technicians took when they left. Verizon is telling me I need to return it. I told them I don't have it and they say - well that's your problem! Haha...


Anyway, as far as I can tell, this is what was done:

From the outside of the house, there is some type of new cord running into the house from the gray box. From here, they installed an ethernet connection into the house. They also changed an inside unit from a bulkly white box to a smaller black one. I believe they switched over to the ethernet because, when they were leaving after I decided to go with 50/50, they told me my coax connection would not work for a couple hours after they left since it needed to be switched from ethernet to the coax. They did test under the ethernet with their own device and were perplexed why it was so slow and why it kept cutting off. In the end, it was like you said, they simply gave up. My options presented were to hope that it fixed itself after they leave or go to coax.


From calling verizon following the install, I am being told that, as an existing customer now (after the install), I must upgrade if I want a faster internet. Eventually, they get sick of talking to me and pass me to "tech support" who tells me my gigabit is not working because I have an old router Smiley Happy ... I'm half tempted to just try the install again if I can get verizon to commit to the original price that I had for this service and hope that I get different technicians.

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You have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. So you cancel the upgrade go back to old and you would then be able to get new gigabyte speeds under new pricing.

however as far as the router return you can write a letter of dispute send it certified return receipt requested. In the letter explain what transpired and that you cannot return which was never received. And that it is their problem since you never signed for the router. Have them locate it.


The following link will give you rights under their residential terms of service. http://www.verizon.com/about/sites/default/files/Internet-ToS-09122017-ENGLISH.pdf

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