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What to expect from my FIOS install? No apparent access for road lines.

What to expect from my FIOS install? No apparent access for road lines.

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So I recently closed on a new home finished just before christmas. I've got a FIOS install on the 19th but as I look over the property I absolutely cant at all find the road side junctions (or whatever you'd call it) that seem to be necessary to actually run fiber to my home. My home builders just left a coax and phone wire bundle hanging out of my siding (hole near where the basement is but through the siding and siliconed in place) where the utility hookups are and told me thats for FIOS. So it seems they kinda screwed me into an outdoor ONT which means no Ethernet to the ONT so I'm stuck with a Verizon router. Unless the techs can cleanly drill through my foundation to the basement? Not sure if thats too risky. I dont see the existing wires in my basement unless its behind some insulation. I couldn't reach. 


Back to the lack of street access. This IS a brand new street. We're the first 5 houses up on it. It extends further back for planned expansion but all I see is a cap for my sewer line and a small green high voltage box nowhere near my house's utilities hookup. Is it possible that Verizon actually has NOT dropped the fiber up that street yet and is there any chance that I'll end up getting billed for having to do work like that outside what the free install covers? Not to mention the fact that our yard are a nest of buried gas and electric. If that green box is also the FIOS hub then I'm even more worried that they;ll want to tear up a brand new driveway unless theyre willing to dig around the back of my house. Sorry to ramble but this whole thing has me nervous. I'll probably call someone tomorrow but if anyone has had a similar experince with a new contruction install I'd love to hear it.

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In case you don't know these forums are peer to peer support.


I don't know about all the items you mentioned.  However an Outside ONT does not mean an Ethernet run cannot be done.  My NY home was done that way.  In fact its my understanding that they normally are doing Ethernet runs for all New Installs.  Might mean an new hole in your wall., Perhaps above the foundation or perhaps trought it.


In NY they used overhead lines  I know in my FL house the ran a line from their box about 60 feet and underneath both my 1 car driveway and a 2 car driveway without any problem.  THe box was installed inside.  They actually ran a temporary line, and then another crew came and ran the line under the driveway.  Fortuately for me only a few hours later.  Some people have not been as lucky and had to complain when no one finished burying the line.

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Yeah I know its peer to peer. Figured someone MIGHT have been in a similar situation. Its probably just gonna come down to a wait and see day of. I know this entire nighborhood is FIOS. Any attempts to look for alternatives ends up pointing me back to verizon. So seems they are well entrenched in this area. So I'm sure I'll get SOMETHING. Probably means they wont bill me  for any of it because I'm a locked iun customer so its just a cost of doing buisness for them. Just curious though. When they ran that line under the driveway, did they dig UP the driveway or did they have tools to dig under from the sides?

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“So it seems they kinda screwed me into an outdoor ONT which means no Ethernet to the ONT so I'm stuck with a Verizon router.”


This kind of puzzled me. You can have ethernet installed, there are ways of doing it as to get the job done. The installer will mount the ONT where they will. Inside or outside and drill necessary holes etc. as needed. They can run the fiber up the house from the outside and drill a hole to your routers location, they may just mount the router in your basement and then ethernet to your router. You don’t need to use the router from Verizon. 


Stop worrying. It will work out. 😀

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Thanks. I've kinda chilled out these last couple days. It a week out from install. I'l be home all day and just tell the installers what I'd like to do and go from there. 

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