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Where can I get new fiber optic cable?

Where can I get new fiber optic cable?

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I'm moving into new apartment. The Verizon Fios is present in the building where my new apartment is. I have Fios service in my current apartment and will 'carry' to new apartment.
Currently, I'm doing renovation of new apartment and would like to 'pre-install' fiber cable behind base trim and under the new wood floor. I would leave enough slack on both ends (above entrance door and where ONT will be installled) for Verizon techican to termnate it.
I need approximately 100 feet of cable.
Is it possible and where, to purchase exact same cable that Verizon is installing for their residential customers.

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What you want to do I would say is not allowed.

verizon installs the fiber optics to your residence ONT location. After the install it is ethernet or coaxial that is run to your home router.



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Silver Contributor III
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It’s a great idea to think about pre-wiring the place. Like previous poster said I would run cat6/rg6 instead. 

Where does the fiber conduit enter in the new apartment? Do you have utility/laundry room in the apartment?

It might be a good idea to install receptacle in the closet the fiber comes to then run cat6/rg6 from there.

You could also set up service in the new place while under construction. This way the tech can extend the fiber to where you need it. 

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The fiber junction box is above entrance door, outside the apartment, in hallway.

The ONT will be in small closet that does not have any physical connection with wall where entrance point is. That closet is kind of island in big space (just to visualize it). On the other side will be all electronics TV, receiver (I already buried speakers cables), cable box, PS4 and wireless router. It’s kind of main entertainment hub.

So, if I’m able to get new fiber now, I’ll put it under the floor (in two weeks I’m installing new floor so it would not be big deal).

If not, fiber will have to be run across open space, on the ceiling, very visible.

I was looking on eBay and found some Corning ClearView single mode fiber (that’s the fiber I have in my current apartment) but not sure whether it’s exactly the same. (There is always possibility that Verizon technician will not use pre-installed cable if it’s not  type that they are normally using).

I called Verizon customer service and explained them my situation.

They can set up installation in the new place while it still under construction. But that will have to be new account and it will be activated right away, not when I moved in (which will be month or two later). Plus, when I leave my current apartment, I’ll have to close my current FIOS account and pay penalty for early termination.

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Silver Contributor III
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Well if you can find it on ebay I guess it can’t hurt to try. It has to single mode with an SC APC connectors and they are green. Watch out for a very similar style SC UPC which is blue. You don’t want that one. 


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