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Where is the Modem?

Where is the Modem?

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In the Triple Play package they only show the free Router included. Where's the modem?

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its all one device. modem/router in one.

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Thank you.I suspected that but their info never mentions that.

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mrgooch wrote:

In the Triple Play package they only show the free Router included. Where's the modem?

Just a small correction in terms. Unless you are in an apartment where DSL is used to deliver FiOS service, you just have a router. There is no modem in the mix. You have a device which Verizon installs called an ONT, or Optical Network Terminal, which converts the Fiber signal to some usable copper signal which cannot be defined as a modem. From there, the router you get from Verizon is just that; a router. You can use your own router on FiOS if you so wished, with some trade-offs.

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What benefits are there to replacing the router?

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mrgooch wrote:

What benefits are there to replacing the router?

You will find the answer to this question, and to other related questions you have asked, here:


Study up and then if you still have specific issues or problems, one of the many experienced users who frequent these forums will very likely have an answer or solution for you. 


However be careful when implementing recommendations because as you may have noticed above, the post you marked as "Solution" provided incorrect information about Verizon equipment and network components (see subsequent post by Smith for the correct information).


Good luck.

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Some people run their own router for better wireless than the FIOS router provides.

The FIOS provided router does not support the 5Ghz band which is less crowded.


However, be aware of a couple of things.

1)  VZ's standard installation is coax from the ONT to the router unless you're on a tier over 100Mbps.

2)  VZ's router (or a MOCA adapter) is still required to connect the STBs.


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