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Where's my internet, and what happened to customer service?

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Registered: ‎12-26-2012

Where's my internet, and what happened to customer service?

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I've been a satisfied Fios customer for a number of years, but in the past two weeks, something has happened to my internet service.  It keeps cutting out, and I usually have to reboot the router to get my laptop connected again.

I'm rebooting the router 5-6 times a day!
I looked at the Fios support site, and tried all the suggestions there, but nothing helped.

Today, I could not get connected at all for a while, so I decided it was time to call Verizon.

After finally finding the customer service number, I went through the voicemail system and was told my wait time would be 10 minutes.  I waited 2 hours and finally hung up.  No one ever answered.

I tried the live chat on my MyFios iPhone app.  I was told it would take 12 minutes to connect with someone.

I waited 20 minutes and no one ever came on.

I tried to email customer support, but it only let me type one line.  Not really enough to explain the problem.

I am VERY disappointed with my experience with /verizon's customer service.  I do a lot of my work at home and NEED to have reliable internet.  

I cannot find anywhere on the support site where I can file a complaint.  Does anyone know how I can contact an actual person at Verizion to have my internet problem fixed????

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Re: Where's my internet, and what happened to customer service?

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Hi rbth,


It looks like Customer Service is swamped today, since others are complaining of the same problem trying to get hold of them.


If you can't get through by tomorrow, please let us know.







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