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Why does FIOS Internet routinely drop out using a Quantum router that doesn't indicate issues?

Why does FIOS Internet routinely drop out using a Quantum router that doesn't indicate issues?

Contributor Lord_Byron
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Why does FIOS Internet routinely drop using a Quantum router that doesn't indicate issues? This has been going on for almost a year and I am truly fed up with losing Internet access for a few minutes at a time when I least expect it at least a few times a day. There is never any indication of issues via the router lights when this happens. Doesn't matter what device is connected on our home network, when the Internet glitches, one can't ping to any IP address on the Internet like or All other network activity works fine on our LAN on all our varied devices. I have also looked around Verizon's web sites and found no straight forward way to submit a customer service request. Just the super crappy endless loop of automated "help" that is almost totally useless. How can we get technical support to check our ONT or upstream issues. We have had FIOS for many years in several locations using the same equipment on our LAN and didn't have routine Internet drop outs like we have now.

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Call 1-800-VERIZON between 8 am till 5 pm EDT. Simply ask for support and refuse the automated help.


a live person may help you. However if you google the FiOS Quantum Gateway Router it will show its a sub standard wifi router. Other providers like Netgear or Asus  have superior routers. Either use them in conjunction with the Quantum or as replacement.

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You can reach out to support via twitter @verizonsupport

If you trace route to one of these addresses, what do you see?

What recovers the service?

How long does the issue last?

Can you ping router when you have issue?

If you check router, can you ping hits default gateway when you have the issue?

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