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Why does the "Upload Proof of Residency" just NOT EXIST?

Why does the "Upload Proof of Residency" just NOT EXIST?

Contributor Toria342
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I received an email requesting I upload proof of residency to the FiOS app or website, but when I log into either, I am not presented with that option at all.


This is very frustrating, and the fact that Verizon seems unable to provide a deep link to this upload function in their email and that many other customers have had this same issue (and get responses to check their messages rather than useful advice others on the forum can use) makes me concerned about Verizon's service. If this is a requirement, make it easy for prospective customers to complete it. Or you will lose this customer.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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You will find that many links and pages on Verizon are not formatted correctly.

if you contact them by phone (Monday through Friday 8 am- 5 pm EDT) they can give you a fax number to accomplish what is lacking in their programmers and IT people.




Copper Contributor JJKiv
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Why are they asking?


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