Why the long wait to get fios installed?

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Why the long wait to get fios installed?

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All you read about these days is how the verizon strike hasn't affected service to their customers, and yet I can't even get a date to install the service. To add insult to injury, the operators on the phone refuse to even acknowledge that the strike is the cause for the long delays. Does Verizon really not understand that a person can not wait a month to have tv, phone and Internet installed? I suppose time warner is my only option at this point even with their inferior product.
If Verizon's treatment of a life long customer is any reflection of how they treat their workers, perhaps unions still play an important role. If only there were consumer union groups...

If anyone has any ideas on how to actually get fios installed in a reasonable time frame, please inform me. This whole experience has really degraded my opinion of Verizon, a company that currently gets way too much of my hard earned money.

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Re: Why the long wait to get fios installed?

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The strike did in fact take it's toll on the amount of work that can be done. 45,000 workers not doing damage, it's hard to believe it. It's also hard to think how a company would have been able to bring in that many replacement workers without word getting out weeks ago of it happening.


For now, the strike going on with the unions will be the cause of your one month install time. Yes, it's unacceptable, but given the circumstances it'll have to make do I suppose since there's a reduced workforce handing how many work requests now...

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Re: Why the long wait to get fios installed?

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One month? Good luck with that as I am expecting it to be longer than that.  I just moved and had my fios / tv install scheduled for last Wed 8/10/11 and the automated system called me the night before cancelling it on me and stating they have no install dates scheduled but will call when they start accepting them again.  Not sure how long I can leave the family hanging with only OTA on the tv and phones for surfing.............

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