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WiFi Connect Utility for Mac?

WiFi Connect Utility for Mac?

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@pa19034 wrote:

How does one access Boing hotspots with iOS or Droid?   thanks.

There's usually a captive portal which you'll reach trying to navigate to a website once on the hotspot. As long as you have JavaScript enabled from the phone browser you should be able to authenticate. That's dependant on whether or not the hotspot operator wishes to allow phones on, though.

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More than 2 years later, any developments on this front?  If not, guess I'll start tweeting about it.

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@dccampfin wrote:

More than 2 years later, any developments on this front?  If not, guess I'll start tweeting about it.

I will repeat what was said in this thread, post number 10 (page 1 - very bottom)


I'm not sure when this happened or if it's always been true, but you can use Verizon Wi-Fi with other devices now. See http://wyang0.blogspot.com/2012/01/verizon-wi-fi-for-all-devices-mac-linux.html

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I was able to register for Verizon Wi-Fi with my Mac by downloading the Firefox User Agent Switcher 0.7.3. Once you have this add-on, your Firefox browser can be set be announced as a Win browser such as IE 7, IE 8.  This allowed be to register. It then wants to have me download their app which is a .exe. Obviously this wont work for me on a Mac. So as someone else suggested, you'll want to login to the Boingo hotspot via their login page at the location, not via the app. Shouldn't be a problem although the big question will be answered when I actually try to connect to a Boingo Hotspot.

@DFWSky wrote:

I've been a FIOS customer for a few years now and was pleased when they added free hotspot access via the Verizon WiFi Connect utility, so I can access wifi at airports.    When the utility was first rolled out, it was only available for windows platforms, but I've continually been told - and seems many others have as well - that a version for Macintosh was in the works.


Now that I've made the decision to purchase an iPad,  does anyone have a true update as to when VZ will offer the wifi connect utility for iOS platforms?    I would think that with vz offering the iphone and ipad, that they would recognize the value of having the wifi connect utility for these customers as well.


I've tried calling customer service, and get transfered to tech support and of course they don't have any information.


Thanks for any information/suggestions (other than traveling with my pc!)


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