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Will this FIOS wiring setup work?

Will this FIOS wiring setup work?

Contributor JimR19008
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I'm getting FIOS installed and want to make sure I understand how it will be connected.


First, I'd like to nix the $5/month charge for the router rental and use my own. It's already in place, paid for, and I know my wireless devices work with it. I know I could connect my router to the FIOS router but would like to avoid.


My plan...


Internet: From the ONT, direct ETHERNET WAN connection to my router. From here Verizon will provide me with a DHCP WAN IP and no special anything (PPPoE, user/password, special web page to authenticate, etc) is required to get online.


Digital Voice: Normal POTS wires plug into the phone ports on the ONT. I will have caller ID available on the phones and use my answering machine at home. 


TV: I have two Tivos with cable-cards and will stream between them using MOCA (they are both MOCA enabled). Wiring will be: COAX from the ONT, split, going to each Tivo. One Tivo creates the MOCA network and the other acts as a client. But this is a private MOCA LAN between the Tivo's and does not have internet access. For internet, Tivo's will each connect to my router wirelessly. 


Alternatively, I could install an ethernet-to-MOCA bridge at my router location and put the Tivo's into MOCA client mode. I might do this eventually but don't have a bridge yet.


Are my assumptions correct? Any other thoughts or headaches that I'm creating for myself?



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Gold Contributor V
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To take full advantage of FiOS' TV service, you'll want to use their set-top box.  This will give you access to on-demand and guide services.  Since you're getting TV service, Verizon will want to install their router and use MoCA for the WAN connection.  You'll have to ask the technician to enable Ethernet on the ONT if you really must have it.


If you use the FiOS STBs, they use MoCA to talk to the FiOS router for internet access.  There are ways to use non-Verizon routers for this function, but it gets complicated.  This site provides excellent info:



You should also review the DSL Reports FiOS FAQ:



You should also be aware that if you don't use Verizon's router, you will not be able to get any technical support for TV or internet issues.


Good Luck


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yes that should work.  Not sure how you intend to handle guide but maybe you have that worked out to?

Did your order specify no STBs?

Contributor JimR19008
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Yes, forgot to mention. We will not be using any STB, on-demand, callerID displayed on TV, etc. With the Tivo's we'll have all the TV we need.


I read a bit on the dsl reports website and it sounds like I'm in good shape. Install is tommorrow.


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