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Windows FTP doesn't work after upgrade to Quantum router

Windows FTP doesn't work after upgrade to Quantum router

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I have a batch job which runs daily on a Windows 10 system which downloads some backup files.  Once I upgraded the router to a Quantum G1100 router running firmware, the batch job failed.  

I'm using the stock FTP program that comes with Windows.  If I run it manually, I can connect to the FTP server, but when I issue any command (such as LS, WGET, etc), I get an "operation timed out" error.  I'm guessing that there's some firewall issue.  I've tried dropping the security level down to "minimum" with no success.

What's interesting is that I can connect using FileZilla just fine.  What's the difference between the two & how do I get this working again?


-- Geoff

Platinum Contributor II
Platinum Contributor II
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You might want to pop open the Internet Options (for Internet Explorer), and see if toggling this setting makes a difference.



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The issue was that the network type switched from Private to Public when I installed the new router and the firewall was blocking the ports that FTP was using.  I switched the network type back to Private and all is well.


-- Geoff

Platinum Contributor II
Platinum Contributor II
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Ah, cool. Glad you've figured it out!

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