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Windows Media Center to XBOX Video Streaming

Windows Media Center to XBOX Video Streaming

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Windows Media Center to XBOX Video Streaming

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Morning all,


I searched the forum but didnt find anything explicit on what I am running into when I try to stream video from my Windows Media Center PC to my TV via my Xbox 360.


I have both the Xbox and my Media Center PC connected via wired ethernet connections. They both are setup for DHCP and are getting proper IP addresses. When I try video sometimes the video stops and then restarts, which I interpret to be that it is buffering the video. When this happens the network bandwidth useage on my Media Center PC jumps to about 25%. I know my Media Center PC is connected at 100 Mb. Does anyone know if the Xbox is connected at the same speed? Second would a QoS rule between the two devices help to alleviate this buffering problem?



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Re: Windows Media Center to XBOX Video Streaming

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You don't say how your devices are connected, whether through your Verizon router or some other way.  If through, say, an Actiontec then you may be having bottleneck issues.  I used to run all my devices through my Actiontec and got poor transfer speeds (it only handles 10/100).  Moving everything on my network to a 10/100/1000 switch helped my transfer speeds to shoot right up ten fold.  This way only the switch gets connected to my Actiontec and my network devices can still get out on the 'net if needed.

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