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Windows XP Settings for Fios Internet

Windows XP Settings for Fios Internet

Location: Arlington, VA
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Hello all.


I'm having difficulty in getting a 2nd laptop to connect to the internet vis the Fios wireless router. My girlfriend's Mac connets ok, as does the Squeezebox, but I cannot get my Windows XP laptop to connect to the internet no matter what I try.


Here's the details....  So i've got a connection to the actual wireless router that is ok, with excellent signal strength. I just can't get any internet. I've tried all sorts of settings in the wireless connection properties with no luck. I don't know what options I should be selecting in the TP/IP settings for things like DNS servers, default gateway, netBIOS, etc etc. I've tried all sorts... i've got into the router settings ( on the Mac and it shows what the default gateway is, etc etc and i've tried these on the the PC but it still doesn't work.


So what I really need is for someone to provide details of exactly what each setting in XP should be for this to work. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


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Obtain an IP address automatically.

Obtain DNS server address automatically.

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Set the SSID and WEP Key in your laptop to match the one printed on the sticker attached to the router. Put that information in for the wireless settings on the laptop. Also do as the other post said. Obtain IP address and all other information automaticlly. It sounds like your PC is getting a good connection, but can not connect because the security is not set for the connection.

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From the Laptop Click on Start, Run, and then type in CMD and press Enter.


Type in IPCONFIG in the window and press Enter.


If it shows your IP Address as 192.168.1.x then you are connected to teh Verizon Router.  It the IP begins with 169 then you are not getting an address from the Verizon Router and may need to recheck the SSID and WEP Key that you are using.


The SSID and WEP Key should be on a sticker on the router and can be confirmed by loging into the router and checking the wirelsss settings.

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Location: Arlington, VA
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Thanks for the input so far!


Sadly it's still not working. The WEP key and the connection to the router is fine and i've got it set with default settings the whole way through the TCP/IP settings.


I've run the IPCONFIG and the IP address is exactly as it should be which is and the default gateway comes up as which is the router address.


So the only thing I can think of is that there's something in the advanced TCP/IP settings that I need to do, or there's something in the router settings I need to change.


So.... any more ideas anyone??




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How is it not working?

Can you ping the router?
Can you ping an external server (website) ?

Have you given it a try in safe mode to eliminate any possible software-related issues?

Location: Arlington, VA
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(20,163 Views) a reinstall of the LAN card drivers seems to have sorted it out. No idea why the driver needed to be updated when the wireless was working fine with every other network i've connected to, but what the hell, it works!


Thanks all.



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capelle wrote: a reinstall of the LAN card drivers seems to have sorted it out. No idea why the driver needed to be updated when the wireless was working fine with every other network i've connected to, but what the hell, it works!


Thanks all.






Thanks for the feedback, not everyone bothers to tell everybody the final resolution for their problem. And updating the device driver is not the most obvious action to try to fix the problem. I had a problem with my laptop connecting wirelessly to the Actiontec router, it would connect but not stay connected and I had never had a problem with the Belkin router I previously used. I updated the wireless device driver and the problem completely went away. Similar, but different.


Again, thanks.


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hi. can you provide me with instructions on how to re install the driver? I am desperate for any solution. my XP was working great for a few days but now it will not connect
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Debra before you try reinstalling the driver. try resetting the TCP/IP settings. Its quick, easy, and works a lot of the time.



Click Start

click Run


Type :   netsh int ip reset log.txt


Hit enter


The black window (command window) will open then close.


Reboot computer


This has worked for me more times than not. A lot easier than reinstalling drivers.

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