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Wireless Connection Limited Or No Connectivity?

Wireless Connection Limited Or No Connectivity?

Location: New Jersey, USA
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Hello. A friend of mine is running Windows XP on his desktop. I installed a wireless adapter for him, and as I go to connect to his FiOS Actiontec router, enter the WEP key, it'll connect, however, he will get the Limited or No Connectivity message.


I believe it may be a problem with the computer, but I'm not 100% sure. He Nintendo DS Lite connects to the router fine and gets internet connectivity. We tried factory resetting the router, but to no avail.


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Device: Metro PCS
Plan: ATT
Location: In ure InterWebz
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You typed in the WEP key incorrectly,  or there is an issue on the PC


Triple check the WEP key from the sticker on the bottom of the router... do not mistake a 0 for an O or an 8 for a B.... It happens...


Bob Robertson - Lighter Klepto - I steal lighters, not bandwith
Location: New Jersey, USA
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No, it is a custom WEP key, it is entered correctly.
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Do yourself a favor and don't use WEP.  Its so easy to crack.  I seriously don't know why anyone would implement WEP.  WPA with a pre-shared key is much easier and more difficult to crack.  The pre-shared key is a password you enter on the router and wireless connected device.  Its a lot easier to enter that then the silly WEP key.
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