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Wireless Connection constantly drops out

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Wireless Connection constantly drops out

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In the past 2 weeks I have had nothing but headaches with my wireless connection.  Every device we own, from iPhone to iPad to Mac desktop to Mac laptop to HP laptop, drops off the wireless network so frequently that it's nearly impossible to load web sites.  


I've worked with Verizon tech support, changed to channel 11, reset router, etc.  I have relied on wireless in my home exclusively for 2 years and never had a problem like this.  All my devices indicate an excellent signal, and when it works it's great, but it drops off, sometimes to zero and takes forever to come back.  Websites hang while loading and never load completely.  Forget about watching any type of video online.


All Verizon says is that wireless speeds aren't guaranteed.  Everthing works great when connected via ethernet.  Anybody have any new suggestions?

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Re: Wireless Connection constantly drops out

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It is likely that you are getting interference.  Possibly one of your neighbors bought a new router or changed their setup and are interferring with your signals.   It also could be an electric appliance in your home.  By any chance to did you purchase a new microwave?   Cordless phones and baby monitors are also a possibility however new cordless phones using DECT 6 are seldom a problem.


Load on a PC the free application called  inSSIDer and see what  WiFi channels are being used nearby your location.   It isn't always the number of people using a channel but how much they are using it.   Three people straming video is worse that fifteen people checking e-mail.   You can't determine this using  inSSIDer so you will have to experiment with using different channels at different times of day.


Consider upgrading your equipment.  If your router AP is G only upgrade to N.  If your new AP has dual band radios shift some of your mobile devices to 5 Ghz band.   The 5 Ghz band is a trade off between shorter range vs fewer WiFi  users and less interference.  (Before buying a dual band router check which if any of your devices can have 5 Ghz radios.)


If you are not going to migrate  to 5 Ghz check for a new router/AP with higher power more range than  the unit you currently have.  The Small Network Builders website has extensive tests and reviews of routers and APs.


To keep satisfactory WiFi in my home I have installed multiple APs and where I want to connect at top speed (75/35)  I use Ethernet.   With WiFi my downloads top out at 40- 50.



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Re: Wireless Connection constantly drops out

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Agree with above, though you could also ask FIOS to send you a new router.  It really depends on your needs and the size of your house.   Using the FIOS Actiontec my PCs etc got about 20 on a 50 plan for wifi, which is really plenty for what I do most of the time.  I am using an Asus RT-N66U as an AP mainly because I had it sitting around and could.  As one would expect it has better range and about twice the throughput, about 40 for devices connecting to it over wifi.  

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