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Wireless Internet Not Working

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Wireless Internet Not Working

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I think I have tried everthing possible without interference of a Verizon technician.  I have turned off the router countless times, and have pulled all of the cords out.  Wired internet through an ethernet cable works, but when I try connecting with my laptop, it cannot even find the network even though the computer is right next to the router.  It cannot even find the network, but it can find my neighbors?  Hmmm.  Plus, my desktop that is also connected wirelessly does not connect either.  Also, it cannot find the network.


Does anyone know what is wrong and how I/Verizon can fix it? 


Thank you.

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Re: Wireless Internet Not Working

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Verizon has a program called Connection Wizard that helps with the setup of FiOS internet and wireless connections.


Connect your laptop to your router with cat 5 cable and go to the post at the top of the FiOS Internet section


And download the Connection Wizard.


Once download and installed, run the connection wizard.


Please let me know if this helps resolve your issue.



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Re: Wireless Internet Not Working

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is the router's SSID being broadcast?  Is wireless access turned on on the router?


THe connection wizard suggestion is the best for now.  if that doesn't work, let us know and we'll try to help you

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Re: Wireless Internet Not Working

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if your computer can see other networks, just not yours, then it is something related to the router. Could be a couple different things. Could be that the routers wireless has been turned off. Sometimes the router gets locked up and needs to be rebooted. or could be just a bad router.


Easiest way to make sure that the wireless is "turned on" on the router is to press the reset button, hold for 10 seconds, release and wait for the router to reboot. If you still cannot see the wireless from your router but still can see other networks from neighbors, then I'd contact tech support to see about a new router.




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Re: Wireless Internet Not Working

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Agreed a factory reset should turn the router's wireless to the on state, with the SSID broadcast. The SSID and Key are found on a sticker attached to the router. If the router's ID or Key has been changed, a factory rest should put it back to what is on the sticker.

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