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Wireless Padlock Symbol is Gone - Tried Rebooting - Tried Accessing Router - Advice Please

Wireless Padlock Symbol is Gone - Tried Rebooting - Tried Accessing Router - Advice Please


Hi all,


Just noticed that my FIOS wireless icon no longer has the padlock symbol. This was setup by the tech and always requires a password. I wonder why all of a sudden the padlock is gone??? I'm worried that my network is now open to the neighbors or passers-by.


I tried rebooting the dvr and router, but still the same result.


I then tried accessing the router at the 192....IP and was presented with the username/password login screen, however, no matter what combo I try, I cannot get in. I tried admin/password. I tried admin/password1. I tried admin/the password I usually use.....


Can anyone tell me why the lock is missing? More importantly, can someone advise me on how I might fix this?


Thanks for any help or guidnace you can provide.


Go back to the router's login page and try the username of admin with the password being your router's serial number. That can be found on the bottom sticker of the router.


If that does not work, I would suggest performing a factory reset on your router and setting it up from scratch. Obviously change the default password to one you can remember, and set up your Wireless Security to use WPA2-PSK AES Encryption. Lastly, set up the router with any other settings you may have used.


Thanks for the advice and next steps Smith6612, I really appreciate it. I just got into work, so I'll have to try when I get home.


A couple followup questions:

If I am able to login with admin/serial number, what should be my next step? Just reset the password?


I think performing a factory reset is something I should just do regardless because I would like to harden the security as much as possible with what you've suggested below. If I'm correct, performing a factory reset involves a reset button on the bottom or back of the router yes?


I'm really not familiar with router settings, but I think I can muddle through if it's just a matter of setting the Wireless Security/AES Encryption/New Password. Are there any other settings that you would recommend I set while in there?


Thanks again for your help, I'll give it a shot tonight and see how I get alongSmiley Happy


If you manage to log in with the serial number as the password, then the router itself at least is fine. The wireless security can then be set up just the way I mentioned it. You have to go into the Advanced Wireless Security section of the ActionTec since the Basic Setup page only gives WEP as an option (from the last I've checked). Once you choose WPA2 from the list, it will bring up another page. Make sure you have the first drop-down box set to Pre-Shared Key. Enter in the network password you wish to use, and make sure the Encryption being used is AES. From there, Apply the settings and reconfigure your wireless devices to use WPA2 with the new password.


Yes, the Reset button would be what I was talking about in regards to resetting to Factory Defaults. Pressing it down for 30 seconds will do the trick and once the router comes back online, it should be set up the same way you received it. The router will ask you to change the password when you first log into it.


Hey there, thanks so much! Worked like a charm!


I was able to login using admin/serial number and make the changes you outlined accordinglySmiley Happy

Glad to hear it worked. If it occurs again, see if you can find out if the resetting of the Wireless Security correlates with a particular action, such as resetting the router or after the router receives a Firmware upgrade (You can see this by watching the version number found on the ActionTec's Status page or Firmware upgrade page).

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