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Wireless Range

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Hello All,  


I have had Verizon Fios for about a year now.  I'd say I'm somewhat pleased with the service i've been provided (TV, Phone and Internet).  However, i am considering a switch to a new ISP due to the poor range of my wireless network.  I have the 20/5 plan, and the supplied Actiontec MI424 Rev D router.  I have a desktop computer (iMac G5) and laptop (Powerbook G4 1.67 Mhz) that i use day to day with the Fios internet.  My speeds on the desktop (Cat 5 wired) are pretty darn good, however my speed with the Powerbook (wifi, WPA2, G- only) are pretty poor.  I have tried different channels and re-locating the router -- no real gain in range and/or speed.  I have researched the possibility of using another router -- but it seems i have to keep using the Actiontec because I'll lose some On Screen Menu capability.  It seems I could hook-up another wireless router (ie: Netgear or Linksys) but reading various websites leads me to believe this set-up is a little "quirky".  I've had other ISP's in the past -- and have never experienced the poor wi-fi range that i am experiencing with the Actiontec router.  I've called Verizon to "complain" but it seems if I have a connection within 10' of the router -- i do not have a "problem" (according to customer service).  i find it very hard to believe that they only guarantee 10 feet Smiley Happy  Anyone have a suggestion?  I'm really kind of venting -- but i am truly looking for a valid solution to the range/speed issue.  I'd like to stay with Verizon -- but at this point they are likely to lose a customer.


Thanks in advance for your input.



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I have a second  router set up for wireless N netroking as the G is to slow for my needs. It is a simple setup. Leave the actiontec in place, hook up the new router anywhere in your house that has a ethernet connection. Log into the new router and set it to bridge mode(dhcp turned off). Your range will now be extended.

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Wireless range has nothing to do with the ISP. It is 100% a function of the router to computer. Switching ISP's in and of itself will make no difference. The change of Routers is what will make a difference.


Easy fix. Go down to the local computer store, purchase a wireless N router, and daisy chain it to the verizon router. Problem solved.


There are MANY posts here on the board to give suggestions on exactly how to do this. Many, many options.


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A signal booster can be purchased from any store like radioshack and can be replaced with the current antennae of the actiontec router.

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"Wireless range has nothing to do with the ISP. It is 100% a function of the router to computer. Switching ISP's in and of itself will make no difference..."


I beg to differ -- I've had multiple ISP's throughout my years -- this is the first ISP that has "required" me to use their supplied router (which is obviously tainted evidenced by the large number of complaints).  Prior to switching to FIOS from Comcast I used a Linksys router without any issues with range.  If I want to keep my on screen TV menus etc. I HAVE to use the Verizon supplied router.  I've been researching this very subject (Google it) for many weeks prior to my post (I've read the MANY MANY posts you are referring to).  This range issue is a WIDESPREAD problem.  The solution is not quite as easy as you may think.  As I stated in my earlier post bridging a router or trying to use another router as an access point is buggy at best -- i do understand I can purchase a wireless access point (for a tad less than $100).  i have also purchased a replacement  "high gain" antenna -- does not help.  A wireless N router is useless to me as my MAC's are incapable of wireless N.  I do not feel as though the supplied Actiontec router is meeting my standards nor should it meet Verizons -- for what I pay a month for my bundle I should get more than 10' of wifi range. Thanks for your input {please keep your posts courteous}

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Thanks for all of your replies and suggestions.  Anyone from Verizon monitor this forum?

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Well I am not from Verizon, but I can report that my wireless device on the upper floors "see" all of my neigbors' Actiontec routers within 250 feet.  You may have a bad router, but alternatively, the wireless card in your laptop could be a littel lame too.


BTW - the Verizon router hosts more than just your internet traffic - it also hosts the connection between your DVR and secondary set top boxes (STBs.)  Some of the "digital" features of your TV service require that router to be in place.


From my own experience, I can say that the wireless signal from my Verizon router is a few decibels weaker, but i have not experienced any real difference in performance  within a three story single family home.  Your mileage may vary...

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I have an Actiontec, Rev D. Have had it for about 1 1/2 years. My experience with the wireless signal has varied, depending on the PC being used and the driver levels in the PCs.


1) With my wife's desktop with either an external USB-attached wireless adapter or a wireless card installed, about 65 feet from the router, the signal was never very strong, and she would lose connection fairly regularly (this was a home-built PC with pretty old wireless hardware, no new drivers available that I could ever find, and way out-of-date Windows software).


2) With my 4-5 year old Toshiba laptop, with the original wireless drivers that came with it, the signal was generally not reliable at any distance. But after I upgraded to more current driver software from Intel, the signal became consistently at least Very Good and was often Excellent at up to 60-65 feet (have never tried it further away than that).


3) With my new Windows 7 HP laptop the signal is consistently Excellent up to 60-65 feet away, using the drivers that came with it. And again have never tried it further away than that.


So what does that say? I don't know, other than for sure the specific wireless adapter in your PC and the software drivers used with that adapter can have a very significant effect on the reliability and speed of a wireless connection. If you have a PC that you are having wireless connectivity problems with, I think it would make sense to at least see if there are newer drivers available for your adapter, particularly if the PC is more than a couple of years old.


And of course interference can come from things like wireless phones, microwaves, mirrors, other wireless routers nearby, walls, etc.


You can sometimes improve the signal by changing the channel the router is using, I have found that using Channel 1 works well for me, I have 3 other wireless networks I can see at home, none on Channel 1.


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