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Wireless router not working with my FiOS Internet

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Copper Contributor
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Wireless router not working with my FiOS Internet

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I bought a wireless router (Linksys Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router WRT600N) recently and am having trouble getting it to work with my Verizon Internet.  Is anyone else having similar problems with their routers?

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Re: Wireless router not working with my FiOS Internet

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I also have a router between my internal network and the Verizon-supplied Actiontech router and it's working fine.


To assist you it would be helpful if you provided some more detail about your setup.  Do you have a Verizon-supplied router?  If so, how is it connected to your outside Optical Network Terminal (ONT)?  Ethernet or Coax? 


Here's how my network is set up


Optical-Network-Terminal (ONT)

| Coax Cable from ONT to Coax port on Actiontech Router |  (Yours might be | Ethernet Cable from ONT to Ethernet WAN port on Actiontech Router |)

Verizon-supplied-Actiontech router

| Ethernet Cable from Actiontech LAN port1 to DLink WAN port |

My Dlink Dir-655 802.11n wireless router

| Ethernet and Wireless from the LAN side of the DLink router|

to the rest of my home network.


(notes: an Ethernet cable has ends on it that look like a big telephone jack, coax cables are like the one that goes into your TV, WAN stands for WideAreaNetwork which is the internet side and LAN stands for LocalAreaNetwork which is your computer side.) :


So my Actiontech router is my perimeter network ( and my internal network is (192.168.11.XXX). 


If your setup is physically similar to mine, your problem is probably due to your Linksys router using the same subnet as your Actiontech router.  Try logging onto your linksys router and changing the subnet to something other than the default  Make it something like


I hope this helps.  Good Luck.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Wireless router not working with my FiOS Internet

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thnx thoff,


Let me try the subnet thing first.  I'll have to get back to you about the the network setup.  My husband set everything up. 


- Judy

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Wireless router not working with my FiOS Internet

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I'm assuming your data connection is Cat5e, if you're replacing the Actiontec. In other words, you have working Cat5e from the ONT to the Actiontec already, for this to work.


You must log into the Actiontec and release the Public IP and turn it off before it reconnects, before you can change the router. FIOS DHCP connections are mac address bound to the mac address of the Actiontec.   Release the IP, turn the AT off, remove the Cat5e from the WAN port of the AT, pliug it into the Linksys WAN port, Turn on the Linksys, the new mac address of the linksys will be recognized and a new IP will be issued.


If you have FIOS TV the AT is still required, so the guide, widgets, and VOD will work. Some settings need changed before connecting it to the Linksys.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Wireless router not working with my FiOS Internet

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I put a Linksys router/wireless A/P ahead of the Actiontek. The Actiontek WAN input comes from one of the outputs of my Linksys router. I had to call VZ tech support with the MAC address of the  Linksys router for them to release the IP address and grand an address to the Linksys. Then I fired up the Actiontek and had it get an IP address from the Linksys. Also turned off the A/T wireless. Like a chom, it woiks. All the STBs can chatter happily between themselves and VZ, and now I have a MUCH faster Internet speed. The A/T refused to properly set the QoS in order that my Vonage adapter have top priority over all other traffic. And I now can have many multiple connections to the internet which comes n handy when using BitTorrent. THe A/T router would spit up if I had more than 20 or so simultanous connections. Thus fat VZ has not been uriniferous over P2P traffic, and I doubt they will after Comcrap got slapped down last week.


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