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Wiring question for Ethernet

Wiring question for Ethernet

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I've been reading the messages on this board and now understand why, if  I want a wired Internet connection, I need to link my computer via Ethernet to the MI424WR router. That leaves me with a question though. What wiring standard should I use for making up the RJ45 plugs, T568A or T568B so that they will be compatible with the router?

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It doesn't matter which scheme you use.  The reason is that, with all CAT5/RJ45 cables and connectors, the only thing that matters is that pins 1 - 8 on the RJ45 connector on one end of the cable are conected to pins 1- 8 of the RJ45 on the other end.  The colors of the individual wires is irrelevant.


The main reason the colors are used is for people who build custom length cables during installation: they often put one RJ45 on one end of the cable and then go to a different location to put the other RJ45 on.  In this situation you have to know what color wire goes with what pin, so there was a standard wire color arrangement developed so that everyone knew what wire goes where.


Most crimpers, which is the tool used to physically attach an RJ45 connector to a CAT5 cable, have printed on them the wire color/pin pairs - but even this can vary by crimper.  


Bottom line: it's not the colors that matter - it's what wire goes with what pin.  

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Use the 568B on both ends of the cable.   Most all modern networking equipment will handle the cross over issue.


In the olden days you had to reverse the Tx - Rx pair,


I strongly suggest that you follow the standard color PIN patterns so that if someone has to trouble shot your network they don't freak out when looking at your PIN pattern.


I also suggest that you look at the crimpers and RJ45 fittings manufactured by Platimum Tools.   This combination will allow you to much more quickly terminate your cables and even more importantly end up with cables that pass data at high speed,   

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Makes no difference so long as you decide on one standard and use that for temination on both end of patch cables or socketed runs.

Most in home installations use T568A while commercial are normally T568B.  As far as connecting to the router the device and your computer will work with cables terminated to either standard.

Mixing T568A-terminated patch cords with T568B-terminated horizontal cables (or the reverse) will not produce problems although it may slightly degrade signal quality,

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