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Wish we had FIOS in Las Vegas.

Wish we had FIOS in Las Vegas.

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kmfosho wrote:

dslr595148 wrote:

Maybe this other thread will help you



Dead link?

More like, poor design of the forum.


When you click on the link it produces errors. BUT when you copy down the full URL and paste in the full URL tell your brwoser to go there, you can see the page.



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I don't seem to have a problem with following links to the forum most of the time. It's usually when a thread is Archived or a link is incorrect is when I have issues.


Las Vegas might have been chosen for the Beta build-out of the LTE Network, but now that the network is being built up Las Vegas should now have it, and I would imagine they do for obvious reasons. Checking their map, LTE is confirmed as being available in and around Las Vegas. I wouldn't count on that network being a replacement for your traditional Wireline network, so unless Cox decides to move off of Coax and onto a Fiber to the Home Network (I've seen a few small Cable companies do this!) or CenturyLink decides to build out a Fiber to the Home network, or should someone else such as the city itself I'd say you're pretty much stuck. I see you're also stuck with two Internet providers who limit data usage, so with that being said unless CenturyLink's pricing is awesome or their network is competent enough to suit your needs, I would certainly stick with whoever you have now, or with Cox's higher end packages offering 250+GB of data rather than jump ship to anything Wireless (Unless a decent WISP is available).


What a terrible situation though... :\ Data caps show the operator of a network isn't confident in their network, and it also shows the morale of the company towards their consumer. Running an unmetered Fiber to the Home Network is the way to do it these days for any Telco, and for any Cableco, setting up their own FTTP network or placing said confidence in network is also the way to run a network. Keeps everyone happy and allows for expansion.

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Horrible act to reserect a thread but I had to as I feel very heavily in agreement with it. Cox Communications has had a monopoly here in Vegas for too long, allowing them to limit their speeds therefore preventing out own technological evolution to keep up with the rest of the country (while at the same time charging sometimes more than the what you would find with higher speeds elsewhere around the country). 


Verizon should REALLY consider expanding itself into Vegas. There are a LOT of residents here who crave today's (and tomorrow's) capabilities over having to settle with Cox's outdated practices. This is the home to CES afterall. 


Please Verizon...consider it. Vegas needs a better selection of options. 

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