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Worst Customer Service Ever...

Worst Customer Service Ever...

Copper Contributor DemonI81
Copper Contributor
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I have tried multiple times today to upgrade my FiOS from 15/5 to 25/25.

I tried this morning before work to do it online, the order was supposedly successful, yet I never got an email confirmation.

I went on around 4 to the chat service, was told there was no pending order and the upgrade had not happened.  I attempted to order with the rep there, Amy I think, and she sat idle for so long after asking me to wait a moment that the session timed out and disconnected.

Got on again, got an order confirmation and everything this time, yet no pending orders or change to my account.


It's now 6pm and I'm left wondering why a speed upgrade is so hard to process and why I chose to use Verizon.

I have never in my life experienced such horrible service.  I am bound by a contract, but I'm at the point that I don't care. If I don't have the upgraded connection when I wake up tomorrow along with a free month for all my trouble, I will cancel and file with the Better Business Bureau to contest the early cancellation charge.



UPDATE:  Techman28, being the great guy that he is, has given me a call and set me up with sales to get this issue straightened out.

Unfortunately my bad luck kicked in once again and it update time for my area and orders could not be processed at the time.

The situation is being monitored and I will either receive a call to finalize everything tonight or tomorrow morning.


Thank you Techman28, if every employee cared about customer service/satisfaction as you do the world would be a much better place.


I'll update again after everything is finalized.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Sorry to hear about this... One thing I have learned from past issues that to get things done quicker and efficiently I would absolutely avoid contacting via online chat especially for account changes. And than I would be a bit patient too..

Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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Let me know if you get taken care of tonight

Copper Contributor DemonI81
Copper Contributor
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Update 2:  I received no call back, but I did receive an email stating that they can't press their button to change my speeds until tomorrow, yet it appears I'm being prorated for the new service starting today.


Promises, promises, promises... No one can seem to deliver.

It's a wonder you have any customers at this rate Verizon.  I'm on the phone right now, if they don't click the button for me by the end of this call, I'm done.


I mean, I want to pay you guys MORE money a month and you put me through this?  What happens if I have a problem? What will I have to go through then?


Update 3:  Blown off again!  I'm asked to hold on while they check my account and then kicked to the main menu.


This is insane!


Update 4:  Just got hung up on by the Verizon voice menu...


Update 5:  After 2 hours on the phone, being told in an email that the order would go through the 13th, then told the 14th but it was changed to today, by the supervisor, then the 15th by the same supervisor while acting like she never said the 14th or that she had changed the date to today, the 12th, no progress has been made.

Supposedly the tech department can't process the order because their ticket says the 15th on it and they're incapable of pressing the button before then, due to policy or something ridiculous, she was cryptic as to the reason, but was clear it was not access or technology related.

Not only that, but the order for the upgrade cannot be canceled either, supposedly...


I'm at a total loss for words. I've been blatantly lied to by at least 5 Verizon employees, hung up on while looking up account info, disconnected while looking for account info, and still have been unable to get Verizon to accept more money from me every month.  On the contrary, I don't ever want to give them a penny of my money again.


This is the worst experience I've ever had with a company and I've had the pleasure of speaking with HP, Dell, and MS customer service.


Verizon... what a joke.

Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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Well first off. There is no such thing as "pressing a button". I know everyone thinks it should be instantaneous but its not. When you place an order there is a lot that has to happen to get he speeds changed. When you place an order, it will take a minimum of 2 hours even if it processes perfectly. On average an order will take about 24 hours.



Now it seems like you are having more than the standard trouble. Hopefully techman28 will be able to help. But your sentence than if you dont have your speed by the end of the call...well you may as well just hang up and cancel because it simply cannot be done like that.


And remember, that the tech support really cannot do anything about it. They dont get involved until you actually have it. Orders have to be completed, then tech support can help you. But until there is an order and it is completed, then all tech support see's is your old speed.



Now hopefully the CS will get their act together and get your order in place. Then if I were you. let it go for what ever date they give you. trying to change the date only complicates the issue. If they tell you the 14th, then leave it at that and you'll be happier.


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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lol i love it when the first thing I hear in a call is . "I made the mistake to swicth to verizon"  Smiley Happy

Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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I do believe the issue was resolved yesterday on our end. Let us know if your not getting your speeds.

Contributor WasACustomer
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I have to agree with the "Worst Customer Service Ever" assessment. I've been a loyal Verizon customer for 11 years, and one of the first FIOS customers in my area, but no more. I had already had my run-ins with their horrible customer service automated voice response line that takes you 15 minutes to get to where you need to be and then hangs up on you. And still I hung in there.


Until last week, when I was moving across town. I called them to schedule FIOS setup in my new home, and was told that, although the apartment did have FIOS service, that particular apartment address was not in their system. They said they needed 24-48 hours to "build the address into the system," and would call me in the next day or two when that was done to schedule the setup. I had explained to them that I work from home and absolutely must have internet service ASAP and that I was hoping to move on Sunday. They said no problem, so I went ahead and scheduled the move.


Keep in mind this was not a problem with the service itself being physically present - it was there. All they needed to do was something akin to entering the apartment address into their database, and it was going to take them 24-48 hours to do that. But OK, I'm a patient person. I'll wait.


Four days later, I hadn't gotten a call back. It was now the day before the move, and I called their horrible, blood-pressure-spiking customer service line again. The representative who answered acted like they'd never heard of me, told me it takes up to two weeks (!) to build an address into their system, and that they could set me up for DSL in the meantime, but there would be a $30 setup fee. Yes, you heard that right - they wanted me to pay a setup fee for a service I never wanted because they couldn't get their trip together enough to set up a new customer in less than two weeks. (After I complained vehemently, she offered to credit the fee against my first bill, but by that time I was thoroughly disgusted and done with them.)


I asked to speak to a manager, and the representative got very irritated with me, finally agreed to transfer me, and the line was disconnected. Believe it or not, I actually called back one more time, and got someone in the business department who was very apologetic for being completely clueless, and gave me a different number to call.


My next call was to Comcast. They came out the next day (on a Sunday), and set me up with their Xfinity TV/internet/voice system, for less money (after the promotional period) than I've been paying for FIOS and Vonage.


I have to say I still prefer the FIOS service over what I've seen of Comcast so far, but I'm not missing Verizon's pathetic excuse for customer service one little bit.

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