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Xbox live disconnects every day at start up.

Xbox live disconnects every day at start up.

Contributor HomeBrewJoe
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Current hardware and specs:
-FiOS gigabit internet service
-Quantum gateway [AC1750 Wi-Fi (G1100)]

-FiOS network Extender [Actiontec 802.11ac Wireless Network Extender with Gigabit Ethernet (WEB6000Q02)]

-Xbox One X

-Samsung Mu8000 4k hdr tv.


The background:

Every evening after I put the kids to bed, I turn on the xbox to play some videogames to wind down.  Every single day since Ive owned the Network Extender and have had an xbox hardwired to the network extender, I lose Xbox Live connection upon starting up the xbox.  The only solution is to unplug the Extender and plug it back in to power cycle it.  Once the Extender has internet activity, xbox live immediately connects until tomorrow when I check it again.

The strange part is that when I check the IP address and MAC addresses when it says unable to connect to xbox live, they are all filled out properly.  If I try to check for network connection through the xbox, they dissappear as if there is no network at all.   Upon power cycling the network Extender, the IP address and MAC addresses populate correctly.  Same #s at that.

If I check the internet connect through the Samsung tv which is also hardwired to the extender, I can see I have full internet connectivity.  This issue is just associated with xbox live and the network extender.  All wireless devices connect to the extender just fine as well (I assume they are connecting to it and not the gateway)..  If I check for the network extender with a WiFi search, it doesnt appear.  I thought that it would be listed in the WiFi availability list for any of my devices.  I assumed it just extends the signal from down stairs via MoCa and uses the same network name.  Correct me if im wrong and that I have an issue with the extender that I havent identified.

I thought at first i would be fine with power cycling the extender every other week as it didnt happen so frequently when I first got the extender, but now its every single night.  Its done this with the Xbox one X and the original Xbox.  Ive have the Extender since January 2017.  Its driving me crazy since ive paid top dollar for my devices and internet service...


I just want this to function correctly.  Help me set up my xbox with the Extender so this doesnt happen anymore.  The extender is the only option.  I refuse to play wirelessly.  Also, an xbox connected directly to the quantum gateway does not experience this disconnecting xbox live activity.  Its specifically linked to the network extender.

Contributor Nagy82577
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Did you ever find how to fix. I am having exact same problem

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Since it works when connected to the quantum gateway, why not leave it connected it to directly to the quantum gateway




#1 getting a networking switch


#2 then connecting the quantum gateway, the Xbox and the other devices that are connected to the FiOS network Extender - to the networking switch



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Contributor HomeBrewJoe
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Registered: ‎02-07-2018
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Unfortunately No Nagy82577.

Ive never resolved the problem.  The device is faulty and I believe Actiontec knows it.  It seems that if a device like the xbox is connected and transmitting internet signal continuously, the MoCA signal terminates.


For now, Ive turned off the xbox "quick start up" feature so that I have to go through the full boot process to play xbox.  This has slowed the frequency of the Extender disconnecting from the internet from every day to maybe once every 2-3 weeks.  It will still disconnect but at a much less annoying frequency of occurence.

I have read reviews on amazon for this device and it appears there are a hefty number of device owners that experience the same issue.  I would assume they dont all play xbox so it is not entirely related to xbox live service.

Contributor HomeBrewJoe
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Registered: ‎02-07-2018
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The situation is, I have two xbox ones.  1 in the basement with the gateway but a tv from 2009 that does not have a "game mode" and has high input lag, the other xbox is upstairs using the network extender.  There for I prefer to play on the xbox upstairs with the nicer tv.


The extender itself is faulty.  I am not a one off experiencer for this.  It seems the only real option is as you said for #2.  Replace the extender with the adapter (this was not even available on FiOS website when I originally posted).  I do not have a Cat5e/ cat6 network in my home therefore my options are only to use MoCA networking or powerline networking.  MoCA seemed like the way to go as it would duplicate the network name signal and password from the gateway and is offered by FiOS as a solution.  I do not get a strong enough wifi signal from the gateway in basement to the 2nd floor so going with the network adapter (MoCA 2.0), I would still need to get a router for the 2nd floor.

I may get the FiOS network Adapter, replace the extender with it and get a cheap wifi router to plug into it for wifi signal.

Copper Contributor novajeff
Copper Contributor
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Same exact problem for me. Xbox one x hard wired to Verizon extender. Every 3 days or so will “disconnect” from Xbox live yet internet is fine for everything else. Only power off hard reset of the extender fixes the issue. 


FWIW I never had this problem with my Xbox one. Just started with my one X, about a month ago. 


Super annoying. 

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