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Xfinity cable modem on fios

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Xfinity cable modem on fios

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i am trying to use xfinity cable modem (technicolor) to Verizon Internet fios. I have been struggling fo two days now, but the I am not able get online. I purchased this router from Comcast.

i understand the consequence of not using auctioned router.. I am ready to live without tv features. I wish to use this router for internet connectivity and return the actionet.


could this router be preprogrammed to only be used on Comcast network? And do I need to get any unlock code?


thanks for the answer.



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Re: Xfinity cable modem on fios

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Unfortunately, this does not sound possible. The "Xfinity Modems" are just that, modems. Verizon's network does not use modems, since their network is not cable based like Comcast's is.


If you want, could you give me the model number of the Xfinity cable modem? I could do more research and see if you can use it as a router only, but its highly unlikely that this would work.


(Besides, your probably better off using the actiontec, those xfinity router/modem combos aren't the greatest routers out there,)

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Re: Xfinity cable modem on fios

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Not possible.


Xfinity modems are DocSIS based devices.   Verizon FiOS is MoCA based.    Completely different methodolgies and frequencies.  You must use the ActionTEC router if you're on FiOS via Coax since you need the dual frequency (WAN/LAN) capability for injecting the local network onto the Coax so that the STB's get get the guide data and such.


If you know what you're doing, you could have FiOS switched over to Ethernet handoff from the ONT and use a standard residential router (Linksys, Belkin, Netgear, etc.) for internet connectivity.  However, if you have TV with STB's, you will still need to bridge the local LAN onto the Coax with a MoCA bridge so those devices can function.  In such a scenario however, you probably want a MoCA low-pass filter at the point of entry of your Fios coax in order to filter off any FiOS MoCA.


Such a setup is not a trivial setup to do properly however.


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