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YouTube Issues

Contributor admanb
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Registered: ‎09-08-2013
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Same issues, confirming Android phones and tablet and PS3 youtube apps/site don't stream and get stuck with the loading animation.  Just started a couple days ago.


Here is the traceroute from my iMac, which doesn't exhibit these issues on the youtube site using Chrome:

traceroute: Warning: youtube.com has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to youtube.com (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 router ( 5.961 ms 0.275 ms 0.201 ms
2 vzrouter ( 0.613 ms 0.752 ms 0.966 ms
3 l100.nwrknj-vfttp-132.verizon-gni.net ( 4.594 ms 4.061 ms 4.241 ms
4 g1-3-4-4.nwrknj-lcr-21.verizon-gni.net ( 5.549 ms 5.701 ms 7.830 ms
5 ( 4.522 ms
ae0-0.nwrk-bb-rtr1.verizon-gni.net ( 5.059 ms
ae1-0.nwrk-bb-rtr1.verizon-gni.net ( 5.828 ms
6 0.xe-2-0-3.xt1.nyc4.alter.net ( 36.150 ms
0.so-0-0-0.xt1.nyc4.alter.net ( 9.419 ms
0.xe-2-0-3.xt1.nyc4.alter.net ( 45.825 ms
7 tengige0-6-2-0.gw8.nyc4.alter.net ( 13.864 ms
tengige0-6-4-0.gw8.nyc4.alter.net ( 21.202 ms
tengige0-6-1-0.gw8.nyc4.alter.net ( 10.145 ms
8 google-gw.customer.alter.net ( 28.381 ms 26.483 ms 24.945 ms
9 ( 8.240 ms 8.393 ms 8.493 ms
10 ( 8.209 ms 9.016 ms 7.822 ms
11 lga15s29-in-f6.1e100.net ( 9.776 ms 9.129 ms 8.723 ms


Note that I've got my own router behind the Verizon router, which you can see in the above hops.  I've also been using Google DNS ( and on the iMac for a long time.  Tried changing the Verizon router's DNS to Google's and that didn't help.  I also tried opting out of the DNS assistance by making this change, but it also didn't help.



Copper Contributor unix-kid
Copper Contributor
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@EFFeX wrote:

I didn't even realize it, but it seems to be affecting my Google Play too.


It's now day 3 of being unable to stream YouTube also. This is kind of crazy. I'd blame YouTube / Google, but if it's working fine with other providers, I can only assume it's a FiOS issue.

It's an issue with a few other providers. AT&T has been having some issues with peering to Cogent. Latency like Verizon, but not as much packet loss. 



Contributor Bose
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Registered: ‎09-08-2013
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Did anyone of you find this issue resolved? I am from Buffalo NY area and it has been two days the problem exists with Youtube.




Contributor mmarceau3000
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Registered: ‎09-08-2013
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Boston area here. 


The last 24 hours have been impossible. The ads are not even streaming on YouTube! I have a 75M connection with FiOS. Everything else is great! Just Youtube failing. Vimeo is perfect. This could be a powerplay by Cogent to force FiOS to purchase more bandwidth from them!

Copper Contributor Magnertom
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-22-2013
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This has been happening to me since Saturday in Pittsburgh. What on earth is going on?

Contributor NetBias
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Registered: ‎09-08-2013
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AFAIK, Verizon still does not cache Youtube (or anyone else that might compete with Redbox), and they aren't exactly eager to upgrade connections to content providers.



Contributor NetBias
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Registered: ‎09-08-2013
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If this were a Cogent problem, FIOS could just cache. This seems to be strategy to help promote RedBox... gone wrong. I am sure they didn't mean for it to become completely unuseable.

Copper Contributor EFFeX
Copper Contributor
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I don't see why Verizon would think this was a way to convince people to use Red Box. The two services offer completely different content. Maybe Google's Play is a competitor, but YouTube?


A lot of my free time is spent on YouTube and I trust Verizon to allow me to access this content. I mean - I PAY FOR IT. This is just really disappointing.

Contributor dingurt
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Registered: ‎09-08-2013
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I'm about done with FiOS. Months youtube has been unusable. I have a 50/25 circuit, everything else runs great. I don't really care that youtube, google, VZ, redbox, etc all have an agenda. I pay every month for a service I can only partially use.


I went on vacation last week and used a competitor's product. It works great! I hate to change service because of one website, but I use it frequently and am tired of this. TV service is awesome, and download speeds are great.


Fix it soon, or I'm out.

Contributor Sadielin2
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I live in Virginia and this has been an ongoing frustration for me. This latest Youtube deadzone started on Friday night for me, but this isn't the first time this has happened. This is 2013, we shouldn't have to put up with this terrible garbage.


I tried using Google's public DNS servers, but that made no difference.


They either need to fix this problem or I am cancelling my service, contract be damned. I will hand over my termination fee with a smile on my face. There are other ISPs who aren't having youtube problems.


I'm also disgusted with Verizon's attempt to destroy Net Neutrality. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/09/verizons-bid-to-kill-network-neutrality-law-goes-to-court...


If that law gets struck down, us consumers are going to be in for some terrible internet service. Even worse than we are currently dealing with.


Edit: I just finished I live chat with a Verizon tech. They place the blame on the content providers, saying they aren't allowing enough connections from Verizon and the existing connections are saturated. Not sure if I believed him, but he did provide me with an unofficial workaround.


He suggested that I use Ninja Proxy (http://www.theninjaproxy.com/) to view youtube videos. I was surprised to see them giving this as a workaround, but I'll take what I can get. I haven't had a chance to test it yet, because its so late. Let me know if this helps you guys out.

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