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Youtube Constantly Buffering: Wired and Wireless, Please Help

Youtube Constantly Buffering: Wired and Wireless, Please Help

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Hi All,


Hoping someone can shed some light on my issue.  I have a FIOS triple play bundle with 35/35 speeds.  When I run a speed test I typically see 42/38.  The problem starts when I go to watch Youtube videos on any of my 3 consoles.  I have an Xbox, PS3 and a Wii U.  The xbox and the ps3 are both hardwired into the router and the Wii U is wireless.  The problem I run into is that Youtube will constantly buffer almost all the time and render the video unwatchable unless you like a white circle constantly running on your screen.  This happens on all 3 consoles 9 times out of 10.  The strange part is that I log onto my PC, which is hooked wirelessly and I can watch Youtube videos without any sort of trouble.  Both Netflix and HBO GO and other video applications seem to be unaffected on all 3 consoles.  I run into the same problem on my cellphone as well while I have that connected wirelessly where I cannot watch the Youtube videos without constant streaming.  I understand that Verizon doesn't stand behind wireless speeds but the Wii U is not 12 inches below the router and I have trouble on my cell phone within 10 feet and have clear line of sight.  I have called Verizon and they ran me through a speed test and since I was getting higher speeds then what I pay for there is really nothing that they can do.  Any help or suggestions would be wonderful.  Thanks in advance.



I have the MI424WR-GEN3I router and it is running firmware 40.20.1.


Quick Edit: just tried to watch a Youtube video on my PC which usually works the best, and I am not even able to start a video at 360P quality.  I just ran 2 speed tests and receieved 43/29. 



Edit: This can be closed, I just noticed there were 2 posts on the front page about this very same issue.  I give up on watching youtube then I guess. 

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Some folks have blocked a couple offending youtube cache servers and because it routes them to better ones, or directly to youtube instead and there have been mixed results but I think a majority of people have enjoyed better speeds on youtube because of it. 


You are welcome to try it as well and let us know if it helps.



  • Log into your FIOS Router
  • Click Firewall Setting (at top)
  • Click Yes to proceed
  • Click Advanced Filtering (on left)
  • Click Add on the broadband connection rules you have setup (either coax or ethernet). You can check which one yours uses by going to My Network (up top) and clicking Network Connections (on left), look for the one that says connected.
  • Change Source address to User Defined in the drop down list
  • Enter a description (i.e. Youtube Throttling)
  • Click Add under items
  • Change Network Object Type to IP Range
  • Enter in the From IP Address
  • Enter in the To IP Address
  • Click Apply
  • Click Add under items
  • Change Network Object Type to IP Range
  • Enter in the From IP Address
  • Enter in the To IP Address
  • Click Apply
  • Click Apply again
  • Click Reject under the Operation drop down list
  • Click Apply




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