absurdly high download speeds on test

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absurdly high download speeds on test

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Hello I am sorta concerned because the past two days i have been running the test on speedtest.net and getting like ridiculous speeds.

Code: http://www.speedtest.net/result/645368760.png

i believe that my plan is the 20 mbps so yeah... usually i max around 3 MB/s when downloading, but that is not all the time, usually down time.....

my question is what is going on??
the plan says for fios there is "Unlimited Access - Use your "Always On" FiOS connection as much as you want." I have been using the serivce most likely to this extent....

is there any ways they can like bump me up plans or something without telling me??? I have been trying to do research into the usage with fios to make sure i wont have to pay anything more than the monthly charge $55...

any help please i just dont want my bill showing up like $200+




*is there a bandiwth limit per month  or usage limit? i have been trying to find this out but nothing really comcrete has surfaced

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Re: absurdly high download speeds on test

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That is very strage, here is are my educated guess(es):


#1 If you live with some else, perhaps they (not Verizon) upgraded your account without your permission?


a) Parent(s)


b) Grand Parent(s)


c) Child(ren)


#2 OR there is something else may of happened...


a) Another ISP that you use is offering those speeds, and that speedtest site does not correctly detect the correct ISP that the traffic came from/went to?


b) Verizon is using some sort of proxy server, and you are not detecting your speed - but the speed of the proxy server?



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Re: absurdly high download speeds on test

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WOW, sign me up for that package!!!



Well, I dont think anyone has upgraded your package. Verizon doesnt even offer a business class service that runs at that speed. The Fastest residential speed currently offered is 50Mbs and that is only in a very small location of NY. I remember Verizon making an announcement that they were TESTING a 100Mbs service for business but it was not supposed to be out until sometime next year.


Have you tried getting confirmation on those speeds by running a speed test at another site?





just in case you are getting a glitch from speedtest.net.


My guess would be that its a glitch on the test. But if it is infact running that fast. I would call either techsupport or billing. DONT TELL THEM WHAT SPEEDS YOU ARE SEEING!!!!! Just ask them what package you are currently on. If they tell you that you are on the package you thought and your paying normal prices. Then I would just keep quiet and enjoy the extra speed until they catch up with it. Smiley Very Happy Smiley Wink




there is no usage limit or bandwith limit to worry about.


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Re: absurdly high download speeds on test

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Ok well i guess everything is back to normal..... Still curious as to why it was happening though. oh well...

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