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actiontec router being reset to delete parental controls

actiontec router being reset to delete parental controls

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I am looking for ways to protect against my router configuration being reset.  Given the reset is a hardware button, I do not believe it can be disabled.


It would be helpful if the configuration was stored on VZ's server to download to the router or if I could configure the settings via the VZ web portal.


I can't find any ways to lock the configuration and protect against someone simply hitting the reset button when they want to open up the default settings which are an open network.


has anyone solved this problem?   


thanks,   Doug

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In most owner bought routers the situation is even in a reset the odds are going to place it back to the routers default setting as if brand new.


however it is not a simple push button situation where a person can just turn the router on and off. In fact you have to take a pen or paper clip to insert into the reset button.

who would want to do that while it sits into your home?


most routers have the ability to save configuration settings but I could be wrong here but the Verizon ones do not. I cannot say why.


The other thing to remember is to remove the sticker with your master password and your wifi passwords in case of a router reset. The reset cannot be done by accident.

You must also make sure you change the original master password and wifi passwords on set up. So even if the router is being reset malicious wise, your original document will be the only passwords that can gain you access.

For a gazillion reasons you should not be overly protective of the router once locked down to your own specifications.


Good Luck


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You can easily save config file to a local PC.

Log in to rotuer.

Under Advanced, configuration file, you have the option to save or load a file.

As for disabling hardware reset, I have never seen or heard of a router that does not support that feature.

Without it, if you make a mistake, you have bricked your rotuer with no way to restore.

If someone has physical access to your router, security is at risk to begin with.

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Some Enterprise gear, as well as routers running OpenWRT or DD-WRT can have the Reset button locked out.


Best way is to put the router inside of a locked cabinet so the reset button can't be touched.

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