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adobe connect fails network test

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Registered: ‎08-07-2014

adobe connect fails network test

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I am trying to get a network issue fixed involving connecting to the adobe connect service. I am a network admin at a non-profit and we use AC to deliver webinars to our members. Some of our employees work from home to host the webinars. All who use Verizon FIOS are reporting latency issues which bagan about two weeks ago.


When I run the adobe connect test at my home: , it shows I have a modem connection. The Verizon speed tests show 35MB up and 35 MB down. If I connect to AC, I experience sever latency, and can't here the audio and the video stalls.


I have tried the connection directly wired to the router, and with 802.11N (5Ghz) wireless. Same results. I have tested with a Mac  (10.8.5) and a PC (Win 7). 


I began testing because another employee reported problems which began two weeks ago. She had been working fine.VZ sent a tech out (twice) and he reported all was OK. He tested with his laptop and had the same issue (latency). The user took her laptop to a neighbor who had Comcast, and it works great. She then tested with several neighbors, and each time it worked great on Comcast and failed miserably on Verizon FIOS.


The Verizon tech was sympathetic and confirmed the issue, but offered no solution. He was dispatched to her premises twice, and found no issues with her on-premises equipment and wiring.


The traceroute shows the route goes through (Verizon-owned). The Comcast route does not use . The target site is in San Jose, CA and is connected to Level3.


I have FIOS also, and I decided to test my connection to the Adobe Connect servers. I fail the AC network test and have the same latency issue.



How can I get this issue resolved? I would assume the network techs would need to diagnose the issue. What must I do to contact the network admins?


I have been a FIOS customer since it was introduced. This is the first network issue I am asking for help with. It may affect multiple customers and it seems hard to get to the network team. I am thinking I may have to drive over to the Ashburn, VA offices and knock on the door if necessary. 🙂


But seriously, I would hate to tell the employees who must use the AC service, to switch to Comcast to be able to continue working.


I am ready to provide any diagnostic info to help debug the issue. Plaese advise.

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Re: adobe connect fails network test

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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.  Verizon customer support is available through this link:

Contact Us


The Verizon moderators may escalate your issue to support.  If they do, be sure to follow their instructions on using the private message functions of this forum to communicate with them.


You could also try the "Verizon Direct" forum over at to communicate with Verizon support.


I tried the Adobe Connect test link you posted.  I get "LAN Speeds" here in suburban Philadelphia on my 50/50 FiOS link.


If you do manage to get this resolved I'd be curious to know which channel worked for you.


Good Luck.


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Re: adobe connect fails network test

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Thanks for the test info. I suspect it's a Washington-DC issue. I'll try posting in the other places you suggested.The other end-user managed to get the Verizon Tech to open a Tier-2 ticket. But the ticket was immediately closed. No resolutioon yet, but I'll keep trying and post the results.

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