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another great reason to love fios.

another great reason to love fios.

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Time Warner Monthly Data Caps Spread Beyond Texas

Austin, San Antonio, Rochester, NY, and Greensboro, North Carolina are the next cities to suffer Time Warner's comparatively draconian 40GB caps at the high-end—Comcast's is 250GB, AT&T's is 150GB, and all of them suck.

Every gig you overshoot your cap costs a dollar, meaning an HD movie download from iTunes could end up costing another $5 on top the $20 you're paying for the movie. Just four HD movies (assuming a conservative 5GB per flick) would swallow half of your allowed data for the month. You might wanna lay off the high def YouTube and Hulu too. Oh yes, the squeeze on high def video that doesn't come direct from your cable box is here. Actually, can I just say the internet is dead? OK. The internet is dead. [BusinessWeek - Thanks Joshua!]

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Great point -- now no one addresed if its  a combined 40G cap (20G up 20G down) sure hope you dont game cause you could eat 40G in no time flat.

Now also dont by your games in digital format or game patches, movies, anything largeyour scruwed.

Its sad to say this industry has changed for the worse Inform yourselfs this is starting Internet2 we need to keep net neturality active and alive. Pres.Obama wants "free' internet for all not pay as you go. Freedom of infomation is all we crave and freedom of internet.

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I believe the cap is total bandwidth no matter if its up or down.
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